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Christine Lawrence has made a career out of analysing what people love and hate about television shows, how they work and how they can be better. She used to work for the Nielson company in their TV ratings department.

When Josh spoke to her in December she was a Senior Analyst in Programming Research at Spike TV. Together we look at how statistics can change TV shows.

We are touched in the emotions by some Letters to Boxcutters as well as our second in-studio guest donor, Nichole O’Duffy. If you meet her, tell her how wonderful she is.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep302.mp3|titles=Episode 302|artists=Boxcutters] Continue reading “Ep 302: Spike TV and Nielson Ratings explained” »

Escaping From Planet Earth

Ben Elton's new TV show sucked pony kidneysThe ratings for last night’s Live From Planet Earth debut on Channel 9 tell a sad tale of a program that had viewers fleeing from their sets to avoid any stray contagion that may come through the screen and infect them with whatever it was that made anybody think putting this on TV in the first place was a good idea.

Over 40% of viewers had switched off by the end of the show. Melbourne, which had the highest starting numbers over all, also had the largest evacuation with almost 45% of viewers fleeing to safety.

This graph shows all 5 major cities and the ratings for Channel 9 in the four quarter-hours from 9:30 to 10:30.
See that downward trend? That’s not a good sign for the show.

If you know anybody who enjoyed Live from Planet Earth, or if you’re one of those people, please let us know.

The DOA Wife?

Longtime Boxcutters listeners will know that I have never been one to watch much live TV. When we started doing this show, I had three video recorders hooked up that I would variously record on or try to work through the previously recorded shows while juggling the physical tape space on multiple VHS tapes. I still have episodes of Jake in Progress and Caroline in the City I’m sure I’ll get to one day… Anyway, I digress… The reason I was a power user level time shifted viewer from way back was so as to have a ready reserve of quality viewing available at a time convenient to me, rather than the time and day convenient to the networks, and to waste less of my life waiting for the show to come back after the ads. With more than 25 years of experience, I’m a veritable guru when it comes to readying the zapping finger over the remote buttons at the first sign of going to a break and getting the right count to come back to normal speed.

So it takes something really special for an advertising campaign to start to piss me off consistently. Congratulations channel 10… You’ve done it. Continue reading “The DOA Wife?” »

Pay TV Statistics

I read today that:

“Last week, subscribers to pay TV spent 60 per cent of their viewing time on the multiple channels it offers, with free-to-air channels Seven, Nine, Ten, SBS and the ABC receiving just 40 per cent of their attention.”

I thought that this was fairly interesting, there has been much discussion of the ‘ratings war’, but not much on the numbers that Pay TV are getting.

I wonder what the breakdown is within Pay TV for the Channels. I will add, that I would think I watch closer to 80% Pay TV.

Obtained from a AFL Rights article at The Age.

Any thoughts?

7 canes them

Channel 7 had a crushing victory last night, led by Heroes with a little over 2 mil nationally.

Very impressive figures. It will be very interesting to see how it goes once the immensely popular House returns on 10.