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Christine Lawrence has made a career out of analysing what people love and hate about television shows, how they work and how they can be better. She used to work for the Nielson company in their TV ratings department.

When Josh spoke to her in December she was a Senior Analyst in Programming Research at Spike TV. Together we look at how statistics can change TV shows.

We are touched in the emotions by some Letters to Boxcutters as well as our second in-studio guest donor, Nichole O’Duffy. If you meet her, tell her how wonderful she is.

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Marc Fennell joins us to talk about portrayals of television in film. We talk about the UK detective drama based on a Swedish set of novels starring Kenneth Brannagh, Wallander (just in case you were confused about which Kenneth Brannagh featuring, UK detective telemovie series based on Swedish novels we were talking about).

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Editor of shows including Mythbusters and Bondi Rescue, Rob Buttery joins us to talk about the world of television editing.

We do a review of the US show Eleventh Hour and a Before & After School about Count Duckula.

You know you want it:

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