Ep 169: Editor Rob Buttery, Eleventh Hour, Count Duckula

Editor of shows including Mythbusters and Bondi Rescue, Rob Buttery joins us to talk about the world of television editing.

We do a review of the US show Eleventh Hour and a Before & After School about Count Duckula.

You know you want it:

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  1. As promised in Pork, here is possibly the geekiest thing I have seen on the internet – but how geeky can it be? After all, the internet is home to obsessive science fiction fans – to special “webisodes” of Battlestar Galactica – and to the phenomenon of LOLcats, where people write captions with odd grammar across pictures of cute kitties. What could be as geeky as any of those things?

    How about an all-LOLcats re-interpretation of Battlestar Galactica webisodes? Here is a link to the recent “Face Of The Enemy” series redone with LOLcats. You probably shouldn't look at this if you haven't watched the webisodes in question: partly because there may be spoilers but mostly because it probably won't make any sense.


  2. All right John, you asked for kittens. The cuteness herein may well knock your head clean off:


  3. Dangermouse fans, represent- *taps chest, throws a sideways v-for-victory handsign*

    “See, Baron-y”
    “Ooh, Crumbs-“
    “Good G-rief…”

    Ahh, such memories. Much like 'the Goodies', or even (gasp) Benny Hill, I will quite happily cop to any corny humour – if it's funny, it's funny. Put this on a t-shirt, folks: “'Clever' is irrelevant…”

  4. Hi guys – love the podcast every week. It means that I can keep up with everything to do with Australian television while I am based in a distant part of the world. However….I'd love it if you kept the podcast to less than 80 minutes each week – that way I can burn it to a CD to listen to in the car on my way to work. The only alternative (apart form getting an MP3 compatible stereo in my car) is to use my iPod while driving and I'm sure you have enough deaths on your hands without causing mine, too. Thanks!

  5. Well, if they don't mention your name…

  6. Excellent interview. Editing is never given enough credit for the awesomely important role it plays, as Josh said.

    Ahhh, Count Duckula. That takes me back. After listening to this episode I trawled through my box of audio cassettes and found some of the audio recordings I'd made of Count Duckula when I was about nine or ten (c. 1990). Before we had a VCR, I used to record the sound of the show onto tape to listen again later, and oddly enough, my memories of Duckula now are of the audio, not the visuals. But the rich and surprisingly witty dialogue of the show shines through those recordings.

    It seems odd thinking of it now, but this was a show that my father and I bonded over, as he loved it as well, and we used to quote each other lines from it all the time. He liked Igor especially, whom I think my father felt was a kindred spirit, with his constant depressed demeanour and resigned attitued towards his sorry life. Igor from Duckula and Marvin from Hitch-Hiker's Guide are my dad's two favourite characters, make of that what you will..

    One of my favourite lines is from the first episode, which was actually called “No Sax Please, We're Egyptians” so that's where the name of the game came from, and at one point Nanny knocks over a vase, and we have, “The priceless converted to the worthless by the brainless”. Well, it's the delivery that makes it work.

    Regarding the running time for the podcast – make it as long as possible, and there really needs to be some nerdier rants. No, I'm not joking.

  7. Rob Buttery says:

    Hi guys –
    I've got a clarification about the Mythbusters Aussie voice over – Robert Lee (the American voice over guy) was the narrator from the very start of the show when it broadcast on Discovery. When SBS broadcast the show they tried the Australian voice over for a short while, eventually reverting back to the original (American) voice over as it felt more in tune with the hosts.

    Also we were discussing the shooting format of Mythbusters as being on Digital Betacam – which it was when I worked on the show in 2005 – it is now shot on HD and has been for about the last year or so.


  8. ActualChad says:

    The two things I remember from Count Duckula:

    Everytime the castle transported, it always left the water pipes sticking out of the ground. And obviously it always returned to the exact same spot (at sunrise if I remember correctly).

    The other thing was that there was always a joke credit at the end, always in the same spot in the credits. I can't remember any of the jokes, but i always looked out for it.

  9. OMFG – upon reviewing (err, re-listening) the episode… did John totally (retrospectively) KILL John Hindle-?!
    “Quel Horror…”

    Also – for all the occasional mentions-in-passing, has B-Cuts ever actually reviewed Battlestar: Galactica?? Clearly the best show on TV right now…
    *deliberately thumbs nose at 'Lost'*

  10. you had me at the word “kittens” 😉

  11. Great ep, guys – plenty of fodder for comment…

    A US version of No Heroics: haven't they already kind of done that with The Tick?

    The original CSI is as much about character as plot… all that stuff about Grissom and his eyes and Lady Heather, Warwick and his gambling, Sara's crush on Grissom, Catherine's background and her dad and his money and her daughter… the reason CSI: Miami doesn't work is because DAVID CARUSO SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES. But that's just my opinion.

    HEY! You mentioned the Spectrum! *squeals*
    Just for that, have THIS

  12. ActualChad says:

    hmph…. microbee… 🙁

  13. John Richards?
    Who the fuck is this creeper.
    obviously you are the most low life person on here, so just dont bother to comment because you are apparently the deranged freak who tries to use big words to make yourself feel older than what you actually are.
    but sorry hun, it isnt working..

  14. John Richards?
    Who the fuck is this creeper.
    obviously you are the most low life person on here, so just dont bother to comment because you are apparently the deranged freak who tries to use big words to make yourself feel older than what you actually are.
    but sorry hun, it isnt working..

  15. Rob Buttery. Best. Interview. Ever.

    Only took me two years to catch up. Nice work.

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