Pay TV Statistics

I read today that:

“Last week, subscribers to pay TV spent 60 per cent of their viewing time on the multiple channels it offers, with free-to-air channels Seven, Nine, Ten, SBS and the ABC receiving just 40 per cent of their attention.”

I thought that this was fairly interesting, there has been much discussion of the ‘ratings war’, but not much on the numbers that Pay TV are getting.

I wonder what the breakdown is within Pay TV for the Channels. I will add, that I would think I watch closer to 80% Pay TV.

Obtained from a AFL Rights article at The Age.

Any thoughts?


  1. I watch news channels the most. Probably 90% Pay-TV with occasional look on Nine. Damn Foxtel Satellite does not carry Seven or Ten! I can;t be bothered switching to the FTA STB to watch the others!

  2. Yeah, I love when you hit info on the Ch7 and 10 re-broadcast.
    If we ever watch FTA, I always switch over to HD and watch it. (Except Ch7 – see previous rant!)

    The other thing from the article that interested me was that 30% of the population has Foxtel.

  3. catbrain says:

    What’s the percentage for Austar?

    We’ve had pay tv for a number of years – initially Optus, and only because the telly reception was abysmal, but then we moved to an area that only had Foxtel. We’ve recently added the movie channels to our subscription, primarily for the series on Showtime (current faves: Sleeper Cell and Love My Way) and The Henry Rollins Show starting soon on Movie Extra. Now that enough people have it, there’s finally some decent pay tv-only programming.

    MrC has been watching Third Watch on Nine (new eps) and Arena (until recently, eps already screened on Nine) – the Arena eps are now ahead of Nine, as they are screened 5 nights a week.

  4. It is interesting that the “Movie” channels are starting to show “TV Shows”. I stopped getting the movie channels because if I want something I either borrow it or buy it. Besides, most of the films shown at pretty average, especially on Movie Network. When was the last time the move networks showed classic films like Nosferato, M, Three Days of the Condor, Bladerunner etc etc.
    I still want to know who though it was a good slogan to say “The Movie Plex At Your Place” Its a horrible line its cheap, nasty and does not work very well as a sentence.

  5. We used to have Optus for the same initial reason as Catbrain, then we moved and now don’t have pay.

    My understanding is that Foxtel usually rates somewhere between the ABC and Ten (say around 15 to 20% of the total), but that is for all channels combined, with the individual channels rarely rating above a star – too few to actually call a number (oztam and the chickens logic at work).

    I guess the deal is though that Foxtel is continually growing and shows no signs of stopping. And now people are really beginning to notice its bite more – world cup cricket, footy, The Young and The Restless. Darker days ahead.

    I would say the 60/40 split sounds about right. People still like to keep up with what other people at work or at school are watching, like say House or Heroes.

    And to be fair they couldn’t really show something of the quality of Three Days of the Condor on a channel with such a terrible slogan as “The Movie Plex At Your Place”. It’s much more intune with showing mind melting garbage like American Pie 2 or Superman Returns over and over and over again.

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