The other Captain Jack To 10

10 has picked up the rights to Dr Who spin off Torchwood.

Be interesting to see if they can make a go of it (it is sci-fi…).


  1. Bah there I was writting a post to announce the fact that ten had picked up the next 2 series of Torchwood, only to discover that Ross beat me too it.

  2. Sorry about that. Interesting that they picked up two series when the second hasn’t been finished yet.

    Waste if they only show three episodes or so then bin it.

  3. alex boxcutter says:

    Ross I think you may be right about showing a few eps and then binning it.

    As anyone who has seen the show can attest it starts out slowly…and also it doesn’t really have “a target demographic” because it’s a pretty schizo show….half adult drama half sci fi and half childrens show.

    I know that’s 3 halves….:) I’m just trying to make a point 🙂

  4. catbrain says:

    I wonder if they’d do something wacky like screen it at 8.30pm on Saturday nights – say, from about April?

  5. The one thing that England has that we don’t is a dedicated teenage demographic for which they make shows. Currently there is Primeval, Robin Hood, Doctor Who and to some extent Torchwood who’s primary audience is the 12 – 16 year olds. There is next to nothing like that here and even if it was it would never be aired at a resonable time for that audeince. I know Nine is marketing Primeval as a Drama, and I don’t know what they are going to do with it as there really isnt a place to put it. Its a teen show with a bit of adult thrown in. Plonking it at 10pm would kill it, and they won’t put it on at 7pm.

  6. It should just go directly to the SciFi channel, it wont last on network TV. Oh ad Ross sorry to be anal but it technically should be written as “Ten has picked up the rights to Dr Who spin off Torchwood”. It irritates me when people use the numbers instead of letters 😛

  7. What about Catbrain? She said 8:30. and Fourth said 12 – 16 year olds and 10pm. And Alex said 3 halves.

    Are all those numbers ok?

  8. catbrain says:

    Oh, Mike Beckham’s just being a pedant (sayeth the pot…)

    He’s right – the station is called Ten.

  9. Comming soon to a 2am timeslot near you…

    Its not a bad show but there’s no way its going to rate well enough here for a commercial channel. It isn’t even shown on BBC1 in the UK. I reckon they will end up putting it in that late Sunday night time slot where they dumped Battlestar Galactica.

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