New Lost

Anybody see the new ep of Lost from the US this week(S03 Ep7)?

I like the bit where Kate said she wanted off the island and Sawyer said sure, we’ll just use my motorcycle to jump that shark and we’ll be free………


  1. That’s brilliant! 😀

    So we’re only 7 eps behind the US now?

  2. At the moment we are only 7 behind – the US scheduled 6 late last year and are now running 16 straight.

    Ch 7 will slip further and further behind though with school holidays, non ratings and random assortments of weeks off.

  3. That would be a spoiler to anyone that doesn’t fly BitTorrant airlines.

  4. I apologise UNRESERVEDLY if I gave away anything to anybody not up to date with the American season.

    I was forgetting that Sawyer has not even found the motorbike yet on the Channel Seven feed.

  5. catbrain says:

    And here I was thinking you were being facetious in that comment above.

    Next they’ll be making a two-way radio from coconut shells…

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