Back to front and outside in

I may have been a little too hasty with my assessment of the current season of Simpsons. The most recent episode features Bart getting his drivers licence. Call me picky, but to me this is a little to similar to the classic episode from a few years back where BART GETS HIS LICENCE.

Ridiculous. The repetition is one thing, but such an unlikely and easily remembered premise being repeated is just stupid.

Also, after my ranting and raving (and possible spolier-ing) last week this week’s Lost was AWESOME. Everything I love about Lost in a fantastic little 42 odd minute package. Yum. Good work Lost people, I’m back on board. Don’t let me down again.


  1. Both episodes were very different. Although both included Bart having a license the story itself was good. You try coming up with totally fresh ideas after 18 seasons and multiple copycat shows 😛

    I watched all 12 episodes the other day of season 18 and they are quite good. Compared to recent seasons very good in fact.

  2. Here is something for you to ponder. The people writing for The Simpsons where not actually born when the show first went to air… Well I am sure some were, but not all of them.

  3. Yep, or at very least grew up the Simpsons.

    The episodes in question are quite different, but still… I know I am probably on my own here, but I would prefer them to have stopped making new episodes at all rather than plunder old ideas like this.

    And while S18 has been better than S17, that is hardly a ringing endorsment.

  4. Well if they are going to repeat an ep, they might as well redo the Australia one… coz that sucked.

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