The ‘No’s’ have it…

Thought maybe we’d play some ‘Movie Yes, Movie No’ (not to be confused with Film Yep, Film Nah – that’s a cheap knock off) but all I could find was movie no’s.

Quigley Down Under – No
Species – Yes (but really no)
Charlie’s Angels:Full Throttle – Oh God No!!
Ransom – No
Twelve Mile Road – More Tom Selleck?!? No
Instinct – No
Donnie Darko – No, no, NO!!!!!!!!!

And then finally – Saturday 1:30pm

The Poseido Adventure – Yes



  1. catbrain says:

    Yay to Saturday afternoon – you can also view it as an interesting critique of social engineering (check who survives/dies)

  2. catbrain says:

    Also not to be confused with , which takes itself just a little too seriously and reeks of Gitanes.

  3. catbrain says:

    Also not to be confused with Film Oui, Film Non, which takes itself just a little too seriously and reeks of Gitanes.

  4. What’s wrong with Donnie Darko? If you haven’t ever seen it, give it a shot – it’s a beautiful, melancholy movie that had a massive cult following at the theatres. In fact, record it and watch it twice – you’ll get a lot out of it with the knowledge of how it pans out.

    Is that the original Poseidon Adventure or the remake? The original had the same sort of TV rerun cachet as It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Didn’t bother with the remake though. And it’s been almost 30 years since I last watched it through.

    BTW, what is with the stench of Gitanes? UGH!

  5. It’s the original, not the poorly explanation pointed, made for TV version we discussed in one of the early episodes.

    And ‘What’s wrong with Donnie Darko?’ EVERYTHING. It’s a horrible stupid moronic film, that stunk of Emperor’s New Clothes. It is as crap and annoying as the pointless and painful Tears For Fears cover that befouled the soundtrack and has polluting the airwaves ever since.

    I agree with Brett that people should tape if only for the pleasure of then smashing the video into a million pieces*

    *Boxcutters only recommend smashing actual video tapes. While short term benefits may be the same with dvd hds and pvrs, the satisfaction will dissipate much sooner.

  6. Ross, you beat me to the punch. Donnie Darko is one of the most torturous films I’ve had the displeasure of viewing. The film is bad but the people who love it are worse. “Didn’t you like the rabbit? What about the bit where he’s in the cinema? Didn’t you love the 80s teen-film homage?”

    At what point when I said I didn’t like the film did you think that I actually meant I liked all the bits that made up the film? It is a terrible film which somebody once saw at a film festival and because that person saw it and liked it everybody else thought they had better too.

    (Of course you said it much more succinctly with Emperor’s New Clothes but I was concerned that people might confuse that with The Emperor’s New Groove and could use the clarification.)

  7. catbrain says:

    Brett, what do you think happens to all the dog poo in Paris?

  8. The Empreor’s New Groove – Movie Yes from memory, although I haven’t seen it for a while. The Emperor is Putty from Seinfled (Patrick Warburton).

  9. I’m one of those terrible people who loved Donnie Darko. Hate me Josh – I dare you. Go on.

  10. PS. The wedding’s off.

  11. Maybe Ross should hate me, too?

  12. Only if he wants to.

  13. I’ll consider it…

    (I could never hate you Kerrie)

    Also, I didn’t see that Britpop doco Live Forever was also on this week. Definitely Movie Yes.

  14. guywithoutaname says:

    Ross and Josh…
    You are the sort of people who give a bad name to heroes fans (that comment was completely offtopic)

  15. Do Ewoks even wear shoes?

    Anyway, this is why we hardly ever mention Donnie Darko. It’s the same reason I won’t discuss Six Feet Under with my friends. I can’t get through my reasons for hating it without somehow calling them (my friends) stupid. And I don’t want to do that. But it ends up happening. And then we get drunk and beat each-other up.

    And I’ve checked. Ewoks do not wear shoes. They just wear this weird brown hijab-lobster bib combination piece.

  16. Let’s all get drunk and beat each other up! I’m pretty sure I fight like a girl, so you’d probably win. I’ll let you call me stupid as long as you keep filling my glass.

  17. Dirty Ewok Shoes?

    Star Wars Holidays Edition?

    We give a bad name to Heroes fans?

    I’m confused as what these mean, regardless of how bad a film Donnioe Darko is.

  18. guywithoutaname says:

    After reading josh and ross’s comments i must appologise and edit my message:
    Ross and Josh…
    weird brown hijab-lobster bib combination piece WORN BY EWOKS!!!
    THOSE COMMENTS WERE ALMOST AS BAD AS THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY EDITION (you can read about it on wikipedia and you can download it of demonoid. Basicly its horrible and George Lucas tried to have every copy of it obliterated. It even contains videos of ewoks giving cooking lessons)!!!

  19. guywithoutaname says:

    How can you also not like Six Feet Under????

  20. Leave Josh alone, Nameless Guy. He can hate whatever he likes. He’s buying the drinks. Or am I buying him drinks? I can’t remember; I’m too drunk.

  21. (Sorry, I started without you.)

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