Boxcutters Episode 76

News, quotes, The Biggest Loser, a review of the book Prisoner of Trebekistan, some Pork and a monkey in the mail. That and more is what you can expect from episode 76. All gold, no lead.

This is the sound:

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  1. RE: Rove’s Return.

    This could work with the lead in of Australian Idol and Big Brother and them apparently tying the shows into Rove more will have a good flow over effect. It will be very interesting.

  2. I wonder who will win out when BB and Idol are on in the struggle for later running/starting on time. That’s always been the thing with those shows on 10 on Sundays.


  3. catbrain says:

    Josh – re The Biggest Loser: you often emphasise that TV is entertainment, but why does it have to be only entertainment and why do we have to just accept it? Yes, I understand that the networks are only about advertising dollars, but questioning their tactics in whatever forum we can could perhaps have an impact on how other people view these programs and, in turn, have an impact on viewing numbers. (I also acknowledge that I’m a sad idealist.)

    My theory is that Love My Way was switched to Showtime to get people to sign up – a simple, money-making ploy which worked in our household – but that it will screen on one of the basic package channels later in the year. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ll keep the channel/s because there are other series we’ve been enjoying. Can’t hack 2 hours of drama? Wuss! *grin*

    What a year: 1783 – pick the movie reference.

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