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Don’t you wish, when you write a comment on a post, that you didn’t have to go back to the page to see if anyone has replied to your comment. Well dream no more, my Boxcutting siblings.

When you write a comment, you’ll see a subtle checkbox underneath the comments area which allows you to ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’. To receive an email whenever someone adds to the comments on a post you’ve contributed to, just click the checkbox before hitting the Post button.

Once you have an updater set, you’ll see a link to manage your subscriptions and your email details where the messages get sent.



  1. catbrain says:

    So there’s no way to get the updates unless you post a comment? Kinda sneaky if you want to boost the post count… *grin*

  2. Of course, you could always just subscribe to the comments rss and keep up to date with all of the comments happening throughout the site.

    I use Google Reader but you can use any feed reader to get all the information you need.

    There’s an old article here that explains it all.

    And there a great list of online RSS readers here to help you along your way.

  3. Ahh, nice conspiracy theory there catbrain. Unfortunately, for whatever justification the plug-in writers used, there’s no way to allow you to subscribe without commenting. Think of it a little like on the forums where you can check the box to email you when there’s a response.

    @Josh: Personally, I prefer a push rather than a pull. I can switch to a feed or refresh the home page and notice one of the numbers has gone up. I’ve got my mail client open anyway so it’s cheaper on the resources if I can see them there rather than having to have GoogleReader in a(nother!) browser window or another app sitting in my system tray, sucking up precious cycles and RAM space.

  4. *If* anyone is interested, I use Sage, an RSS reader plugin to Firefox. I learnt about it from ‘Byte into It’, which is my favourite ‘on air’ 3RRR program 🙂

    *Notify me – ticked.

  5. @Brett: This is where personal preference comes into it. I love my feed reader and I hate email. I like to go and read things when I want to rather than have it compete for my attention with everything else coming into my inbox. And yes, I could set up filters and do the same, but I like the way I do it. I know that not everybody wants what I want.

    One big advantage of using an RSS reader is that you can keep up to date with discussions you haven’t commented on.

    Both methods are good.

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