It’s Happened

Eddie McGuire has quit as CEO of Channel 9.

According to a statement from the network, McGuire will step down from the role on June 30 to spend more time on air, after taking a mid-year break for the first time in his career.

McGuire says the decision to quit was his and he wasn’t forced to resign.

Talking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW, when asked about his decision, he said: “Because I think it can add a lot more — because I can, to be perfectly honest.

“The opportunities that have been presented in front of me lead me to do some things I’ve always wanted to do and really get the balance right in my life.

“I’m really delighted that all things in my career have come to this point today.

“I am very much up on my toes and excited about my future.”

He said he took on the CEO’s role as a “circuit breaker”.

“I was sick of being on camera. I took the job because I’d had enough of what I was doing.

“In hindsight I should have had a bit of a holiday before taking on the CEO’s job.”

Asked whether he had any plans to return to the Footy Show, he replied: “Not at all”.

Ian Law, the CEO of Nine’s parent company, PBL, said the ratings at the network had taken a hit from McGuire’s on-air absence.

“It has become clear over the past 12 months that Mr McGuire’s absence from on air as a key host has impacted on the ratings of the network,” he said in the statement.

“The performance of 1 v 100 in addition to his executive duties shows how significant Eddie’s contribution can be to our on air line up.”

Eddie will continue as a member of the executive team of Nine, working closely with the director of programming on concepts and ideas for new shows. For the moment, he’ll remain based in Sydney.

Details sourced from The Age, Daily Telegraph, SBS, Bloomberg, NineMSN


  1. The heading is gold, Brett. “It’s happened”.

    I imagine you saying it with breathless excitment, after all these months of rumours and speculation and now “It’s happened!!!”

    I am a little surprised. He snuck Gary Pert out of there just in time then, didn’t he?

    The obvious Nine ‘Oh we need him on air’ response is very lame.

  2. The fact that he “poached” Pert just before “resigning” highlights the idea he knew it was coming. More importantly however it shows that he used his executive power to move someone to another company that he ran (collingwood)knowing it was in his best interest rather than nines. If you want proof of conflict of interests Eddy. There it is.

  3. So I take it that neither of you believe Tom Elliott’s response in the interview that there was an excess of management at GTV9? And surely it was his executive power at Collingwood that assisted in getting Gary Pert there, rather than at Nine? Perhaps Gary jumped because Eddie was finishing up as CEO.

  4. ooh ooh ooh – just remembered the rumour published in the Crikey daily newsletter of March 15:

    Is Gyngell set to replace McGuire as CEO at Nine?

    Glenn Dyer writes:

    There’s a tantalising rumour doing the rounds of the Sydney TV industry today — that David Gyngell is returning to run the embattled Nine Network.

    Gyngell was back in Sydney from the US last week for a special dinner for Eastern Suburbs Roosters Rugby League Club, where he received a life membership. He has been an enthusiastic supporter and fundraiser for the club for years.

    During his time back here he reportedly had dinner with close friend James Packer, executive chairman of PBL Media, a dinner at which the Nine job was discussed.

    According to the stories, the CEO’s role was offered and Gyngell accepted, with current CEO Eddie McGuire stepping down, with his CEO’s contract converted back to his old show/star contract with its $4 million a year payment.

    This would allow Eddie to continue fronting 1 vs 100 and return to the AFL Footy Show in Melbourne.

    The important thing is that the transition isn’t to look like Eddie being ”boned”.

    According to the reports, Gyngell is putting together a ”dream team” with Mark Fennessy, formerly of Crackerjack and now running Fremantle in Australia. The pair was spotted lunching in Sydney earlier this week.

    Fennessy is very well regarded in the TV world. Australian Idol, Neighbours and Australia’s Got Talent are some of his major programs, along with the Australia’s Brainiest series.

    Rory Callaghan, a former Nine Network director of light entertainment and recently at Southern Star (and before that at Granada, where he developed Dancing With The Stars for Seven) is another who has been mentioned as being on Gyngell’s Dream team.

    More importantly Gyngell, who walked out of Nine almost two years ago over the constant second guessing by PBL CEO, John Alexander, has reportedly won an agreement from James Packer that he reports directly to Packer.

    Gyngell has been running the US operations of Granada for more than a year, and had close dealings with Nine last year over the average Dancing On Ice.

    James Packer was in Sydney today at a Pay TV conference but according to this report, said nothing.

    McGuire said this morning he had a practice of not commenting on stories of this type, as always and wasn’t about to change his policy. Fennessy was unavailable for comment.

  5. alex boxcutter says:

    Remember what you boys said back when he was hired (have I been listening for that long?:)
    “he’s just a fill in while they get the real CEO ready.” do you think that’s true still? or was he just a dud (well…we all know he’s a dud but you know what I mean)

  6. @Alex: I still think that’s true. In fact I believe we’ve been proved right.

    @Catbrain: I think that both cases can be true. Eddie did a bad bad thing with his conflict of interest but also there is too much management at Nine.

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