Boxcutters Episode 101

Exciting news just at hand STOP James Talia in Australia STOP Brings foreign I Don’t Buy It STOP Adds to discussions of City Homicide and Californication STOP

Podcasts are so much better than telegrams, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. jesus… just call it ‘Boxcutters Confidential’ and get it over with.

  2. ActualChad says:

    Let me be the first to nit-pick about Buffy.

    Giles IS Ripper. When the press release says “Ripper sees Giles in England”, I think it means Ripper the show, not the character.

    The other guy from England was Ethan Rayne, and to nit-pick further, both of them have appeared in the Buffy comic (Ethan in a dream sequence, Giles appears chatting to a demon).

    I really liked “The Times”, although a friend of mine used to call it “T-T-Times! C-Cool News! for Y-Young P-People!!” complete with street pose.

    And then Frontline took it off in a great episode with Harry Shearer.

    you could say when it came to the Times, I was the one doing the rooting…

  3. Does anyone remember Attitude? On the ABC? With Samantha wossface? That was hip/def/groovy like The Times. Didn’t last long if I recall correctly.

  4. I must be one of the people who can’t tell Ross and Brett apart because it took me 1/2 way into the show to notice that both of you were there along with James…

  5. Rob Boxcutter says:

    @Mike: Welcome to the very large club. Here’s a foolproof way to tell them apart (other than peering intently at the video podcast).

  6. See I have to admit I find this a little perplexing. While I can except a slight tonal similarity between our dulcet voices, surely content wise there are vast differences.


    Is it that hard to distinguish Brett?s laid back, happy go luck demeanour from my world-weary, jaded cynicism?

  7. catbrain says:

    Well, I never! I didn’t expect to hear “vagina” and I’m certain the packed tram didn’t expect to hear my raucous laughter.

    Great to hear James Talia “in the flesh”, but it would be good if the 4th Boxcutter was a female voice… so James, with your sportscasting background, do you think you could go a little Footy Show next time and frock up to bring out your feminine side?

    The Times was great. It was more editorial in the pop-up comments, rather than explanatory, but cutting through the spin of the story, exposing the flaws in whatever argument. At least, that’s the way I remember it – the comments could be quite sarcastic at times.

    Boxcutters Confidential sounds like the Daily Telegraph. How about Scuttlebutt?

    I reckon that until people can visualise what Brett and Ross look like (realistically – although those South Park-esque pics are pretty good), they will continue to mistake you both. It’s Ross in the background on the video podcast, if that helps. (thereisnovideopodcast)

  8. Geez? First I?m ?and sidekick?, then nobody can tell me apart from Brett, now I?m relegated to just the ?background? in the video podcast. My star is falling.

  9. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I think it’s time to post a photo of you in action in the studio. Or perhaps a screen-cap from the video podcast (sorry to be vlogging the proverbially dead horse). I would do the screen-cap thing but I don’t know how 😉

  10. Sorry Ross… I guess the scoreboard just doesn’t lie.

  11. Not to take anything away from “HOT GOSSIP!!”, but how about “Rumour-Phile”? Of course, you’d probably need to constantly say: “And now it’s time for Rumour-Phile…with a “PH”…”
    But you’ve got to admit – pretty sexy.

  12. I don’t know where to put this, and don’t intend to derail the Chaser topic:

    Summer Heights High is magnificent. By contrast, last night’s instalment of Kath & Kim made my nose bleed. Fine, you’re on commercial television, but that doesn’t give you licence to infest your entire production with the most obvious product placement I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

    I’m paraphrasing here but it lays down the gist:

    ‘This Smart car is so economical! And so comfortable!’

    ‘Don’t eat my Go-Gurt, Sharon! Get your own Go-Gurt! Go-Gurt Go-Gurt Go-Gurt’

    ‘Theatreworks is nice, isn’t it? I enjoyed that cultured performance at Theatreworks! Ahh, Theatreworks.’

    And so on. Meanwhile nobody’s attending to jokes or a plot.

  13. Channel Seven today announced television phenomenon Gladiators will return to our screens in 2008.

    Seven?s Head of Program Development, Mr Brad Lyons, said the search begins this week across Australia for a new generation of Gladiators.

    ?We?re extremely excited about re-launching this massive show which was such an audience favourite, ?Mr Lyons said.

    ?It will have a new look but will still retain the classic battles between Gladiator and Contender. We are currently on the hunt for a new bunch of Gladiators and those prepared to step into the arena to take them on.?

  14. Three weeks.

  15. That how long your giving it ? I think it will work, given the current audience habits, it will probably work better now than it did originally. Think of the SMS / Voting possibilities. Should “Crusher Carl” smash “contender john” in the nuts. SMS 12emasculate or 2Save.

  16. Actually, yes, I see your point. SMS voting could extend the life of the show considerably. Five weeks.

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