Ep 113: James Talia, Ratings

This week – the always interesting James Talia with the view from the other side of the globe.

We take a look back with the final official rating results for 2007 and look forward to what we can expect from 2008.

There?s Quotes, Quiz and the usual news, views and barely cooked Pork.

All that and much mor? Well, actually no, that?s about it.


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  1. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Ahhhh, Granola!

  2. godamn you rob.. i was NEARLY there… πŸ™‚

  3. i had a look at abc.net.au/now but its not available for macs.


  4. No linux version mentioned at all. What. Ever.

  5. The ABC’s election coverage lost its graphic because the Lib/Nat and Labor boxes were backwards for the first ~hour. The Coalition was ahead 50 seats to 35, just before the graphic vanished.

  6. Also, the new Futurama isn’t, um, great.

  7. O’Reilly’s show is “The O’Reilly Factor” on FOX News Channel. “No Spin Zone” is just a slogan he uses. I hate it too.

    The new Futurama movie is fairly bad, not very funny or interesting.

  8. David Boxcutter says:

    Guys, don’t you realise that you can put hearts on your mobile phone? You can put them on your facebook profile. You can even get Hello Kitty products with hearts on them! So how can they be bad?

  9. Exactly David.

    I heart hearts.

  10. Don’t get me started on that “Heart” thing.

  11. catbrain says:

    Oh, have a heart, people…

    Re legal downloads: I’ve encountered free legal download files for market research purposes that don’t allow you to rewind or ffwd through ads – you can play, pause and stop only. I think the excuse that legal downloads killed whatever-show-it-was is a crock, or perhaps they just didn’t employ the right technology in the first place.

    @FulltimeCasual: cheeky… πŸ˜€

  12. hey,

    just wondering, has anyone found an episode of Satisfaction on the usual sites? it doesnt seem to be on diwana just yet..

    come on foxtel subscribers, share the love!

  13. ohh.. ad btw, the final episodes of the best damn show in years, Dexter, have been leaked..

    check your local guides.

  14. just finished listening to the latest this american life, the second story is about newsrooms fighting for an exclusive, and the decisions they make to get it. beautifully done. i’d love to hear the reaction from someone who works in a news room, but where would i find someone like that?


  15. Boy. I’ve just finished listening to the This American Life podcast. Not only is it beautifully done but, for me, some of it is disturbingly familiar.

    A few preliminary thoughts:
    -everyone who works in commercial news will be able to think of times they’ve done stories they wish they hadn’t;

    -I can think of endless occasions when competitors have branded stories as exclusives when, in fact, they were the only newsroom to bother covering a story everyone else knew about but decided against;

    -The aphorisms hold true across the developed world… if it bleeds, it leads and some days you’re really just filling the black.

    I can also think of numerous occasions when I’ve phoned my boss from the road to say the story is actually a non-story. On EVERY single occasion, I’ve been told, “You’re the guy on the road, I’m trusting your judgement, can the yarn.” Self-evidently, not every news director or chief of staff is like that.

    But above all else, neglecting to contact the subject of a story – as opposed to seeking a response but failing to get one – is inexcusable.

    Without mentioning details or networks, I’ve seen and heard of a couple of instances in Mebourne where certain reporters and news bosses have not only crossed the line – they’ve taken up permanent residence on the other side. Everyone knows who they are. Everyone scorns them. There is still plenty of principle in the ranks of Australian reporting but it’s not universal.

    I highly recommend this podcast to the Boxcutters family.

    Thanks very much for the link, FC.

  16. By the way – and I never thought I’d have cause to say this – God bless St Michael’s.

  17. @ fulltimecasual

    Snap! I logged on to post about the The American Life newsroom story.

  18. Jimbo said – “But above all else, neglecting to contact the subject of a story – as opposed to seeking a response but failing to get one – is inexcusable.”

    I would think that would be illegal too.

  19. Not at all, fourthof5. No rules governing any such thing. Which is why the question of ethics comes into it.

    Some people have ethics.

    Some people have “etics”, like Johnny Caspar. (If you have to ask…).

  20. Regarding the Code of Ethics, jimbo… members of the AJA are expected to abide by the Code, aren’t they? Is anything actually done about members who breach the Code, other than giving them a slap on the wrist?

    (I’m reminded of Robin Williams’ skit about the UN: “Stop! or I’ll say ‘Stop!’ again”)

  21. Quick note to remind y’all that this week’s show won’t be up until Tuesday night.

    That’s all.

  22. On the contrary CB; I remember Paul Sheehan once requested statistics from MEAA (along with the AJA, basically the journo’s union) ethics committee findings, only to be told that no one had been elected to the committee in over 20 years-!
    …without turning this into (another) diatribe againt ‘the meeja’, ANY industry that self-regulates is inevitably going to be it’s own worst enemy. It’s just bound to happen; what if fast food places didn’t have to worry about health inspections? What if tattslotto didn’t have govt oversight? What if politicians have to face their electorates?
    External oversight is key…

    Sadly, it’s far more common for an Australian cricketer to ‘walk’ without prompting, than it is for a journo to be forced to resign over a deliberate ethical breech.

  23. Err… perhaps I could have worded that ‘politicians’ line more clearly – *slaps forehead*

    “you know what I mean-“

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