Alex Trebek has suffered a heart attack.

My favourite game show host is in hospital, reports ET Online:

ET breaks news that ALEX TREBEK has been hospitalized.

A rep for “Jeopardy” tells ET Alex suffered a minor heart attack last night at his home. He was with his wife, JEAN, who is currently by his side at the hospital, where is is said to be resting comfortably.

Let’s hope he gets much better soon.


  1. Has everyone forgotten to get their granola?

  2. Clearly (or not) the above comment was meant to appear under the previous topic. And now that there are other comments there it is irrelavent.

  3. I was somewhat worried about the lack of granola activity on the show this week. I thought maybe there was a problem with the uploaded file for a few hours…

    Hopefully it’ll be just a quick heart /double /triple/etc bypass and Alex will be up and about asking answers again in no time.

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