Is John Westacott’s Hair On Fire (or does it just look like that because his ears are burning)?

First there was that whole thing with Christine Spiteri (which we covered in Episode 113) and now it seems John Westacott has made another Channel 9 female news presenter unhappy.

This article from the Daily Telegraph details the rumours of goings on at Nine in Sydney with Majella Weimers, fill-in weather presenter, who apparently stormed out when told that her contract would not be renewed.

Of course, this led to the Telegraph quoting “one news staffer” saying something about John Westacott – that he “doesn’t like blondes”. Even though there was nothing in the preceding paragraphs to suggest Westacott had anything specifically to do with the incident.

The more I read about this, the more I think someone at the Tele has a bone to pick with Westacott and tries to get him to look bad in every article about Nine.

Really, give the man a chance to make himself look bad on his own. I’m sure he’s more than capable.

If you’re a Channel 9 staffer then don’t go running to Confidential every time your boss yells misogynistic epithets from the transmission tower. Do the honourable thing. Note down exactly what he said and hold on to your notes. Then, when you retire from the profession, publish it in a tell-all book.

Until then, keep your mouth shut. You’re making your network look bad, you’re making your colleagues look bad, and you’re not helping your own careers at all. On the weekend, go to the video store and rent Broadcast News. Then go home and watch it. Twice. Try to remember what being part of a news room is all about.*

And while I’m telling people what to do: Daily Telegraph, you can shut the hell up. No one really cares about the wars you’re trying to start. Do some proper work.

*Apparently it’s about faking your own tears to make a story better and then breaking Holly Hunter’s heart. Oh, and sweat.


  1. Sheesh – far be it from me to defend Nein! but geez – when the wolves smell blood, it’s rarely a pretty sight.,23599,22930425-2,00.html

    Frankly Josh, we need less ‘Broadcast News’, and more ‘Network’. Or at least, ‘Anchorman.’

    What bra size is Jimbo? Should we be worried??

  2. Since when is it unusual – in any industry – for changes to be made when new bosses come in?

    This is a massive beat-up all round.

    How come I never get to break Holly Hunter’s heart? “You’re the devil!”

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