Just watched the first ep of SKINS the new UK comedy from the writers of Shameless and stuff. I thought it was great. Loads of fun and very funny.

Anybody else see it?

Screening 10pm Mondays for the next 8 weeks.


  1. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I have it, but haven’t watched any yet.

    Are you serving any Granola tonight, or can I go to bed?

  2. Series recorded. I LOVE Shameless, so this needs to get the 3 episode look-in.

    Will probably watch it tonight.

  3. I’ve got it on series record and I’ll keep watching it but I have to say, I was wholly unimpressed.

    I didn’t like Shameless and I’m not particularly fond of this one either, yet.

    As the season goes on, I’d love to hear why people like it so much.

    In a strange change for me (maybe a NYR?)I’ll reserve judgement until after at least 3 episodes.

  4. Sorry guys. Not such a good interview. Yes Play School is great. However Alex is no John or Betina.

    I don’t think Alex is so grwat when one of his biggest moments is meeting Little Ted. Now Jemima is a different story. With a new dress and hairstyle she could be hot.

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