Boxcutters Special Edition BRAVO


For your listening convenience and pleasure this episode has been divided into two parts.

In the first part the three merry men look at the 2007 – the year that was. What rocked, what sucked and everything in-between.

Later some friends drop by the studio for some fun and frivolity, including Marieke Hardy, James Talia and Jess McGuire, while Tom Elliott is kind enough to interrupt his holiday to call in.

Special edition Bravo – more fun than your ears can handle.


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Please note: for legal reasons certain names and places mentioned have been edited out. You’ll know when you hear it.


  1. Just for clarification: in wrestling, when everyone starts in the ring, it’s a “Battle Royale”. If someone enters every two minutes (or 90 seconds, or 30, WWE have never been consistent with the rules) then it’s a “Royal Rumble”.

    Also, the ‘Hart Foundation’ – originally Bret Hart and Jim (not ZZ Top) “the Anvil” Neidhart, were not brothers, but brothers-in-law.

    Yeah… I had a very lonely childhood-!

  2. Thanks Mord. Is Jim the one who died at a pay per view a few years back? Fell from the roof or something trying a stunt?

    Happy new year.

  3. Not quite – you’re thinking of Bret’s younger brother Owen Hart (easy to confuse the Harts – there’s seriously like ELEVEN kids in the family, all the boys wrestled at some point, and all the girls married wrestlers. Hell, at this point the sons of the Harts (and a daughter) are starting to pop up with the WWE.

    But yes – Owen was supposed to drop from the rafters to the ring via in a harness during a Pay Per View; something went wrong with one of the harness clips and he died in front of a live crowd. Vince McMahon, in true ‘the show mst go on’ style sent wrestlers out to continue the show rather than risk the crowd rioting.
    Nasty, nasty business.

    BTW guys, excellent show, but no mention of what a big year it was for the Daily Show and Colbert Report? I know I know – picky bloody picky. Besides, which category does it belong in – news? comedy? reality?!

  4. David Boxcutter says:

    I actually liked the episode of My Name is Earl where they wrote their own stories. Does that make me a bad person?

    It also wasn’t pointless. I thought the point was obvious – to get outside the prison setting. As for “out of place” it actually fits in the tradition of an earlier episode where they each had their own stories – “My Name is Randy”, etc.

  5. David Boxcutter says:

    Oh yeah, what does Ms. Hardy have against Mr. Black? He’s a stand-up guy!

  6. The question is… who is mister black?

  7. It was Ms McGuire that gave us those pearls on the tastes of Mr Black. She’s OUTRAGEOUS!

    BTW, Mister Black is a bit of an arsehole, really.

  8. catbrain says:

    Lovely to hear the whole gang – nice work everyone!

    1. Remember that Eddie has that hard-arse lawyer working for him, so I reckon the only reason Nine are keeping him on is because they are locked in tight to paying him the full value of the contract – it’ll be of no benefit to them to let him go early.

    2. You mentioned the dearth of new productions from the ABC in the last 12 months (a marked constrast to SBS) – WTF is going on with the AB-friggin-C anyway? LADETTE TO LADY??

    3. Wilfred was a dramedy.

    4. Reality: what about Brat Camp? Didn’t that rate really well for the ABC?

    5. I think a lot of the so-called dodgy stuff on RocKwiz is down to editing, rather than poorly directed segments – at least, that’s what I found watching back a few episodes when I’d been in the audience.

    Are Mr Black’s initials SF, perchance? Pearls/tastes – you is funny.

  9. catbrain says:

    Ohhhhhhhh…. on re-reading your response above –

    Mister Black is a bit of an arsehole, really

    – I know it’s not SF. I’m pretty sure I know who it is now. A BIT of an arsehole? That’s like saying a bit pregnant.

  10. Agreed…..NEWStopia was great….had “withdrawals” after only a week without it.

    Bring back The SURGEON now!

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