John from Cincinnati

“Some things I know and some things I don’t.” – John Monad

What I do know is that John from Cincinnati starts screening on Showcase this Monday at 8.30pm, around the time many of us here experience the earliest rumblings of our weekly granola cravings. This show has divided audiences, and my reaction to it is similarly mixed. I reckon there are some absolute gems here (some characters, lines, performances) but the overall “plot” will leave many unsatisfied.

Make up your own mind and deliver your verdict here.


  1. guywithoutaname says:

    Watched the first episode the day it screened in the US, decided it wasn’t for me and never watched it again.

  2. Took me 4 episodes to realise the same

  3. Having seen it through to the end, I STILL WANT ANSWERS, dammit! I was more than prepared to be teased and confused, feeling secure that it would all make sense in the end. WHERE’S MY SECURITY NOW??!!

    A few sweet memories along the lines of “I got my eye on YOU” and not so fond of that screaming, irrational bitch – that’s all…

  4. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Blame HBO – all the answers were coming in Season 2! Well, not really, but I can see how they needed to leave some threads open (and introduce new story lines towards the end, like the organised crime stuff) so they could be picked again if HBO commissioned a second season.

    I thought Season 2 of Deadwood was pretty boring, I have to say.

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