Ep 131: David Knox, James Talia, Logies, and Canal Road

David Knox, James Talia, the Logies, the Fuglies, Big Brother, Canal Road: all of these things go into making a wonderful episode of Boxcutters.

It’s Episode 131!

Give us your opinions.

Check out what David Knox reckons at TV Tonight.


  1. David Rayne is truly awful.

    Possibly cos he’s the poor man’s poorer man’s Kochie, and Kochie aint that good.

    I really fucking hate that show he’s on, and i feel sorry for the unemployed/students/and domestic workers that watch him.

    One of the reasons i havent quit my job is cos i cant handle mid morning tv.

  2. also, sorry, mentioned this on my very sub-par podcast, but the prequel to underbelly needs to be the kath pettingil, victor peirce story.

    it would be fantastic, the real life phoenix/janus.

  3. KMJvet1 says:

    That pre-Logies red carpet thing makes all of the Australian tv industry look like they’re severely under-medicated.

    The show itself wasn’t bad. I think the concept of the awards themselves is the problem. To use some American awards as examples, it’s as if you tried to mix the Emmys-dayntime & primetime, TV Guide Awards, Soap Opera Digest Awards and a little bit of the ESPYs all into one. It just wouldn’t work. And the Logies may have been around for 50 years (which is longer even than Australia made television shows isn’t it?) but that doesn’t mean the concept isn’t now unworkable (nice triple negative). If you have a dinner party and serve red wine, Kool-aid, pigs in a blanket, gourmet olives, and popcorn, nobody’s going to leave feeling they had a good meal no matter if there’s a charming host, designer napkins, or good music.
    It’s not the show itself, it’s the categories and who’s up against whom, and the fact that having categories like single news story–most popular girl on a SOAP–anything that pretends to be a serious acting award, just won’t go together and leaves out a lot what should be done.

    And yeah, I did watch it because John Clarke is a treasure.

  4. catbrain says:

    I love your eps with David Knox – you always get some good discussions going.

    I love watching The Logies, precisely for the reasons David mentioned – it’s a car crash and there’s always something a little controversial. It really was a bit of a mess without a host, wasn’t it? They do take themselves far too seriously, though… let the soap starlets think it’s some really important event, but also let the seasoned actors a bit of free rein. It’s Australia, ffs! When have we ever taken ourselves that seriously?! But thank god we’re over the 50 years of The Logies now, so I never have to watch Bert Newton and Muhammad Ali again. One of the best moments in Logies history, for me, was Georgie Parker’s first Gold win: “I have no idea what this is for…”

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