Ep 154: Adam Zwar, The Ex-List, Tomorrow People

Star and co-creator of Wilfred joins us in the studio to talk about the process of creating a TV show. We also discuss the US show, The Ex-List and in the segment that is now titled Before and After School, we finally look at The Tomorrow People.

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  1. I’ve finally remembered what Josh’s reading of the SMS number with the pause before the 7 reminds me of: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=BBuo41qYOgw

  2. Which reminds me, the clip with Richie Cunningham, The Fonz and Andy Griffith is at http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=hm_ODrTQ6mc

  3. ActualChad says:

    According to Aint It Cool, The Ex-List has already been cancelled.


    Talk about putting the mockers on it, guys.

    Don’t ever mention the new Blake’s 7, deal?


    Meanwhile, you’re right, Josh. “Tomorrow People” opening credits – scary beyond belief. Never watched the show for that reason. Up there with “Children of the Stones” and “Sky”.

    Oh, and the anthology show “Shadows”, except I watched that one.

  4. ActualChad says:

    Dammit. Did someone mention David Tennant under their breath?

    It seems Josh’s influence as owner/creator of Channel Ten extends beyond that station…

    Meanwhile, “Bogan Pride”: thought the first episode was terrible (musical routine – nice touch. Dodgy sound levels – bad touch), but for some reason we keep watching it, and it seems to be getting better/smoother/more into it’s rhythm each week.

    Less “one-note joke” than I expected.


  5. For those not following ActualChad’s reference there to David Tennant, it seems he just can’t stand the workload of four whole episodes for 2009 and has announced he’ll be regenerating at the end of the year. Perhaps the BBC will learn their lesson from this and stop sceduling so many episodes in the future.

    On Bogan Pride, I didn’t mind the first episode – probably due to not wanting to be too critical too soon – but, I feel, its flaws have set in and are just getting worse. The show is full of one-dimensional caricatures that are all unlikeable and just become more repulsive with each episode.

    Obviously, SBS also see the problem with the show and have tried to help out by programming the huge pile of stinking turd that is Swift & Shift Couriers so that Bogan Pride doesn’t seem so bad. It is loathsome. Do not, under any circumstances, watch it. Michael Lallo’s crack problem is clearly starting to show in his Green Guide reviews. You have been warned.

  6. (Yes, it was me. I am The Kerrie.)

  7. I loved Wilfred. I don’t know why, but I just assumed Wilfred was supposed to be a real dog. Nothing deeper than that… just a messed up (and fun) execution. Possibly due to not having a multi-million dollar budget for a full CGI Wilfred, or possibly just due to it being a more human approach. Big ups!

    Can’t wait for season 2.

    (Listening to Boxcutters in a very time-shifted manner… got another one to go tonight!)

  8. catbrain says:

    Like Mark, I didn’t see Wilfred as something so dark; I saw it as a representation of the anthropomorphisation of pets and how, when you’re trying to establish a relationship with someone who has a pet – particularly a dog that might be quite protective – you’re effectively going to have to establish a relationship with the pet first. I found the “real life” relationship to be quite secondary – more for colour. I used to be a vet nurse and I’ve encountered dogs that, if they could talk, I’m sure would say, “tell that c*nt I want a word with him”!

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