Episode 168 will be available on Tuesday night

Due to the nature of our arrangement with 3RRR, the best radio station in the world, we sometimes have to give up our spot in the studio so that they can train new people to make more excellent radio.

As such, we’ll record Episode 168 on Tuesday and it will be available on Tuesday night.

To make this fair to everybody, we’ll record Episode 169 on Sunday. One day late, one day early, and it all evens up in the wash.

Sorry for the late notice.


  1. Elliott says:

    Glad to hear you guys are alright (you guys are probably nowhere near the fires, but still) – I’m a Kiwi listener and have been watching NZ news coverage, Sky News and also 9 News stream online for the last couple of nights and have been truly horrified by the impact of the fires.

    Look forward to listening to the episode in a couple of days time.


  2. I know you don’t read the blog but according to [url=http://digihub.theage.com.au/node/275]this[/url] Freeview-branded DVRs won’t allow ad skipping. Bang, there’s the motive.

  3. Bad joke and bollocksed url, 2 for 2.

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