Ep 167: Narrelle M. Harris, Demons, Bigpond Ads

Noted local author of vampire novels, Narrelle M. Harris joins us to talk about the world of the vampire in television. We cover the UK drama Demons. A listener sent in an I Don’t Buy It and we create the word “Skad”.

Skad this:

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  1. I may be jumping the gun a little as I haven’t finished the podcast yet, only the part about vampire shows, but I was a little disappointed that Moonlight was not mentioned at all.

    A quick check reveals that you did talk about Moonlight back in ep107, (so it IS your fault the show was canceled!) which sadly for me was before I found out about your fantastic show, so I am not even sure if you enjoyed it back then or not.

    To me, Moonlight seems to be a mish mash of many different vampire lores, but yet makes them its own enough to be enjoyable TV.
    It has many of the things discussed this episode such as the one (or maybe one and a halfish in this case) good vampire, a different take on vampires (sunlight weakens and kills after long exposure, stake paralyses, not kills) and even has the downside of being a vampire (not being able to eat, well he can, but cant taste it).

    Anyways, I think that is enough of my disconjointed ramblings for the moment.
    Just wanted to put out my V cents on one of my favorite vampire series.


  2. Err… point or order, Mr Speaker – wasn’t it Yeardley Smith (“Lisa Simpson”) rather than Nancy Cartwright that was the secretary on Herman’s Head?
    (and I’m too lazy to look up the dates – but *there* was a show that deserved to be on the GAT list…) Whatever happened to the “Brown Age of Television, by-the-by?)

    PS – Josh, I admire you’re restraint in talking about scientology without using the obvious South Park reference (let’s show ’em who really runs Hollywood!).
    (BTW – any idea how ‘the Simpsons’ voice acting is recorded? I can’t imagine Harry Shearer not pulling the piss out of Nance UNMERCIFULLY if they did it face to face…

    PPS Brett – don’t let Dr Death Kinal discourage you from talking about Top Gear – it’s nice to see ONE show on the tele that doesn’t mind admitting that they’re simply cocking about for laughs and have no higher purpose in mind. I like “story” too, but every circus needs strongmen, tightrope walkers – and the occasional sideshow geek. Is it just because it’s English TV, Kinal?

    PPPS – why won’t Josh use his powers for good, instead of evil?? Kyle and Jackie O still walk the Earth, unmolested. YOU BASTARDS-!

    PPPPS – (that’s a lot of P) – thanks to having to move house over Xmas, I can no longer receive Foxtel. Pity me!
    (at least the Soup still shows up on Channel Bittorrent)

  3. John Richards says:

    Oh, Mordwa – as ever, you are totally right. Yeardley Smith was on Herman’s Head, not Nancy Cartwright. How embarrassing. Wikipedia also tells me this great piece of Herman’s Head trivia – “the first condom commercial on U.S. television aired during an episode of Herman’s Head on November 17, 1991, which [was later] the basis of a $500,000 question on the game show Super Millionaire.” Oh, Wikipedia, is there anything you don’t know?

    Curiously, has there ever been a really great show with a vampire as the lead? I haven’t seen Moonlight, but all the best shows I can think of have vampires as villains (Ultraviolet) or supporting cast (Buffy). I’m not sure if vampire leads really work. And yes, I’m including Angel.

  4. Count Duckula, maybe?

  5. ActualChad says:

    I have to agree with John: the Adam Zwar bumper is the best yet.
    I have to disagree with John: Angel was a good show – lost it’s way in Season 4, found it again in Season 5, just in time for it to end… nuts…

    Is it just me, or are the shows getting shorter?

  6. Skad, more like adbomination.

    Speaking of abominations have you guys seen those bloody annoying jamster ads for the 1900 SMS service where you SMS a mobile phone number and it gives a satellite image to “find out where your lover really is.”

    The advertisement briefly flashes in very small print down the bottom (barely readable, even on my 100 inch projector screen) “This is a simulation only.”

    So basically they are offering a product (information on a given mobile numbers location), which they then counter by saying the very essence of the product is not real.

  7. catbrain says:

    No one has mentioned it – perhaps because they’re not watching it or watched it and didn’t enjoy it – but I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying watching Carla Cametti PD. I’ve just read a review in today’s Green Guide and I think the problem is that the reviewer is not as broadly read as I: the series seems to be homage or, probably more strictly, bordering on theft of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books. Plum is a New Jersey Italian-American bounty hunter who doesn’t quite get it right (well, does a few illegal things here and there to get her quarry), always getting tangled up in a more dangerous caper at the same time and not quite knowing how to handle it, has a mother trying to marry her off to the hot Italian cop, a dad who doesn’t say much, a grandmother who eggs her on, and a couple of gal pals she gets on the tiles with.
    It’s light, amusing entertainment. Perhaps people are expecting SBS to be more dour. And there’s also a reason stereotypes exist (and this show isn’t really heavy-handed with them).

  8. Darren Boxcutter says:

    Perhaps to avoid killing people everytime Josh says a name someone should over dub with “Mr Black”. Sure it maybe hard to follow his conversation but no innocent lives will be lost.

  9. I had thought you were being mean about that poor cross-eyed boy on The Lair, but I just watched a clip and he is positively Bobbie Battista

  10. I am never mean. I am always scrupulously fair, even about overacting, campy, cross-eyed, soft-core-porn vampires.

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