Ep 178: Marc Fennel and Dan Ilic, Slings & Arrows, Crap TV

Marc Fennel and Dan Ilic come in to talk about Massage My Medium, their comedy festival show about the end of television as we know it. We review the Canadian comedy/drama Slings & Arrows and have some Crap TV, the quiz and tell you what to watch if you watch one thing.

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  1. As I listened to this show, it gradually dawned on me: “Oh, this is that young guy from the abortive SBS movie show!” And then Marc said as much, and a lot more. Nice to hear Lawrence Lessig name-checked during the interview.

  2. Facebook User says:

    *sings from memory*
    What a funny old fellow is Humphrey
    He gets in all manner of strife
    He leads a very exciting life
    And honey's his favourite fare
    Which is hardly so very surprising
    He's a really amazing old bear
    What a funny old fellow is Humphrey
    Humphrey the fun-loving bear!

    I remember the lame-o magic tricks too; and the way his mouth made a tapping sound when he flapped it around, pretending to talk.

    When John Ritter died, he left a scrotum-shaped hole. (*boom tish*)

    Dan Ilic may complain that “content” is such a cold word, but come on – the major purpose of any FTA commercial television program (apart from perpetuating the dominant paradigm, but that's another discussion) is to get the viewer to watch the ads. Anything else is a bonus.

    The Pirate Bay ruling only applies in Sweden. The Pirate Bay had already set up backup servers in Belgium and Russia when they got raided a couple of years ago, so the site itself is unlikely to be affected for some time; also, the verdicts are under appeal and that is likely to eventually go to the Supreme Court of Sweden, several years down the track. The claptrap about Google being potentially in the same situation is rubbish: whilst you can search for torrents using Google, The Pirate Bay (and similar) provide tracking for Torrents.

  3. To be fair, the Google comment was actually the argument the Pirate Bay defence lawyers were using. So maybe it's not surprising they lost.

  4. Facebook User says:

    Really?? What I read indicated that other commentators were taking that line. Perhaps that was just one tack that the defence lawyers were taking – I could provide better advice than that!

  5. Please do more podcasts at joy, at a time when they're not pre-screening Star Trek so I can stalk you all from behind the glass-window panes.

  6. Please do more podcasts at joy, at a time when they're not pre-screening Star Trek so I can stalk you all from behind the glass-window panes.

  7. It's too late ,but what the hell… Saturday Night Live! The Canadian Conspiracy! That Seventies Show! Corner Gas! Little Mosque on the Prairie!
    And, er… other stu

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