Ep 181: Leo Laporte, Party Down, Ten Years Younger in Ten Days

This week Josh speaks to Leo Laporte, Brett talks about Ten Years Younger in Ten Days and we discuss the US show Party Down.

It’s a corker. Listen to it:

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  1. Tristan Boxcutter says:

    just finished watching the episode and i couldn't agree more about the whole idea of needless voting on the biggest looser. many of these shows really do not require this extra element, and in my opinion suffer for it. I used to watch the British season of master chef when it was on daytime tv and thus was a little dismayed to discover the whole needless voting element being added to the australian version. now the show is less about the cooking and more about the scheming and peoples feelings about this shit rather then a quality show where the contestants battle using their cooking skills.

  2. Great to hear Leo Laporte on a podcast. Haven't heard that since …. well yesterday.

    Info for anyone who enjoyed that interview, or is generally interested in geek stuff, you can find Leo's podcasts at twit.tv or search for twit in the itunes store.

    The most accessable for the boxcutters audience isn't actually a Leo podcast, but it is This Week in Fun. The name describes it aptly.

    Leo mentioned the radio show, it is the Tech Guy podcast, as he said it is talk radio where people who have problems or questions about all things tech can call in and ask. He also has weekly guest speaking about Home Theatre and Digital Photography.

    He also mentioned in the interview his former co-host Amber Mac, they combine for a podcast called net@night, in which they speak about all things weird and wonderful on the net.

    All of the TWIT shows are great listening, for the geek and non-geek alike.

  3. Can I put in a request the Boxcutters team have a go at watching “Better off Ted” – I'd suggest sampling episode 4, entitled “Racial Sensitivity”… it's a new sitcom from the bloke who created the somewhat underrated “Andy Richter Controls The Universe”… it suffers slightly from the standard sitcom “the lead character is not as interesting as practically everyone else around him” problem but otherwise… yeah, worth a look.

  4. Time for Iggy Pop! We ran out of time in the show, but it's never too late to talk about Iggy. He's made a TV ad for insurance in the UK that's been banned! See, he hasn't sold out, he's still got edge. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has forced the ad to be taken off air (see ACMA, that's how it should be done). And the ad has been banned not -as you might think – due to the extreme ammount of dancing topless Iggy, but because Iggy is lying. He says he's been insured by swiftcover, except swiftcover don't insure musicians. It's like the last five minutes of a very tedious Columbo. You can read the whole article at http://tinyurl.com/cqw9qz .

  5. Hey Simbo, I've had the first few eps of Better Off Ted on order for a couple of weeks and they've finally come through. I'll be distributing to the boys this week and we should get to talk about it soon.

  6. so brett just harassed me to tune in after some time away… the one thing you didn't mention about the bizarre “Party Down” was the title card i never thought i'd see in my life… “Directed by Fred Savage” o_O

  7. so brett just harassed me to tune in after some time away… the one thing you didn't mention about the bizarre “Party Down” was the title card i never thought i'd see in my life… “Directed by Fred Savage” o_O

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