Pitch Yourself a Crumpler Beanbag

It’s time to talk about the Boxcutters/Crumpler Beanbag Competition.

We’re asking you to come up with a pitch for a new TV show. That pitch must contain audio and or visual components because the greatest way to get someone interested in your idea is to show people.

You can enter from anywhere in the world. Boxcutters love knows no arbitrary borders.

Entries must be submitted by October 31st but we’ll have a couple of rounds of advice/criticism by real television producers FROM TELEVISION, so get your entries in as soon as possible to have your pitch featured in those episodes.

You can submit your pitch in any way you think best gets its ideas across and gets to us. You can always email us to ask us any questions or generally get our attention.

If you just want to snail-mail us your pitch, send it to:

c/- 3RRR
PO Box 2145
Brunswick East
VIC 3057

The winner will be chosen on inventiveness, creativity, entertainment value and viability of pitch, as selected by a panel consisting of the Boxcutters hosts and some celebrity judges, possibly of questionable celebrity status (just like on Dancing with the Stars).

All entries must include your name, phone number, email and postage address. We are not able to return physical entries unless accompanied by correct postage and self addressed envelopes (just like on the Early-Bird Show).

By sending us your pitch you give Boxcutters the right to use your entry to promote the podcast or the competition. Unless otherwise noted, work will be attributed by the name on your entry (just like your name or something).

Boxcutters reserves the right to add to the conditions of entry as holes start to appear and things we hadn’t yet thought of become apparent (just like you have come to expect from our lack of preparedness).

Happy pitching!


  1. So, supposing, hypothetically, that one had a few character monologues and opening titles on a cd, but was concerned that this hypothetical cd would get crushed during its hypothetical journey across the Atlantic ocean, and one is fairly certain that this hypothetical file is to big to hypothetically email- oh, let's drop the charade! It's me! The hypothetical pitch belongs to me! *sobs and runs off with head in arms*
    *Comes back*
    Erm, that was embarassing.
    What would one do? (Or “i”, I guess, as it doesn't matter anymore, my cover has been broken.)

  2. I've used yousendit.com before, which allows you to upload large files which can then be downloaded by the recipient, that seemed to work.

    Also, we've been asked whether we're looking for the funniest pitch or the one most likely to get made. I haven't talked to the other boys about this yet, but I'm really looking for “surprising”, “audacious” and “unexpected” – especially things that shouldn't work but somehow do. Which will often be funny at the same time. Dazzle me! Brett, Josh, what do you think?

  3. Thanks for the link, I'm uploading my submission as we speak.

  4. What the hell?

  5. danielle21 says:

    Completely don't understand what this has to do with a Crumpler Bean bag

  6. The prize is a delightfully comfortable Crumpler Bean Bag. Other than that there is nothing that ties the two concepts together. It's a prize, but what a wondeful prize.

  7. You can use uploading.com to send it to them. I have just done either the worst or the best pitch in history.

  8. murrayNE says:

    Audio and or visual components, eh? Well as soon as my wife finds me the round-ended safety scissors, I'm going to make a diorama that will knock your socks off!

  9. Audio and or visual components, eh? Well as soon as my wife finds me the round-ended safety scissors, I'm going to make a diorama that will knock your socks off!

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