Because we are all the fifth cylon

For this week’s episode, the computer decided that we should largely sound like Davros. Sorry but we’re not going to put it up.

It was hilarious and insightful but clearly just wasn’t meant to be.

If you want, you can take this opportunity to listen to John interview Alan Brough. It has swears in it!

Exterminate. Exterminate.
This relates to one of the news items you won’t hear this week.

Richard Hatch defends himself badly:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Once again, we’re sorry.

For those jonesing for something, ANYthing, from us and who haven’t picked up on the special round-up on the sidebar there each week (that’s where the quiz prizes have been going off), click the little play triangle to listen on the player at the top of the sidebar on the right – up where it says “THIS WEEK ON BOXCUTTERS”. Strangely, we recorded that message before we knew the show wasn’t going up.


  1. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Does this have anything to do with the slight audio glitches that could be heard in last week's ep?

    As for this week's ep, where's the bootleg??

  2. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Does this have anything to do with the slight audio glitches that could be heard in last week's ep?

    As for this week's ep, where's the bootleg??

  3. Noooooooooooooooo! Why God, why? Take me, I'm old!

    I don't believe it, after having become addicted to Boxcutters a while back, thanks to Narelle, this was the first night I was ever caught up enough to be actively waiting for the latest episode. Every now and then I'd hit refresh and still nothing. But I held out and… nothing!

    Thank goodness I have your old episodes to see me through.

    Personally, I second the bootleg request. I like Davros.

  4. Hey Rob,
    Yes and no is the answer there. Both are to do with new computer systems going into the studios at RRR but this week was much, much worse for a majority of the recording.
    As for the bootleg, I have it here on my bootleg USB drive… Besides the news, we'll be re-recording the show in special ep 194a next week. I'll put up some of my news and some ranty stuff I had planned at some point in the next couple of days.

  5. There's some stiff irony for you, dalekboy.

    As it happens, we had some live streaming of the show this week as well. I'm not sure where it was going through and it was mostly about the video because the audio wasn't connected through the desk – it was a bit of a lark Josh was trying out.

    If listeners are truly hankering for the show as quickly as possible, it wouldn't be impossible to have a decent live stream – in audio at the minimum – if we had enough begging letters or comments.

  6. murrayNE says:

    <Rocking back and forward>
    That's fine. I'm fine… realy…. (breath breaths in and out).

  7. Rob "Gravy Train" Boxcutter says:

    Dear Boxcutters,

    I represent a conglomerate of influential “media Buyers” whose attention has been recently drawn to your Boxcutters Podcast. Due to a variety of pressing concerns, it is imperative that we sample your most recent show, “Because we are all the fifth Cylon,” as soon as possible in order to ascertain our level of prospective investment in your operation. Have you, or can you at short notice, establish a live feed (audio or video) for this purpose? Should you not have any interest, or should you be tardy in your response to our prospective offer, know that “your” money will rather probably be invested in Reality Television of the most objectionable source. What say you, Boxcutters?

  8. oh god, now i might have to listen to… MUSIC… on the way into uni
    hope you get it all sorted with minimum of fuss

  9. At least give us a quiz or something so we can pretend we had an episode to listen to! πŸ™‚

  10. nathalieboxcutter says:

    Hahhhhhhhhh, what I will ever do whilst my son is kicking a ball at soccer training. I will have to go and “socialized' with other parents. I hate you new computer at RRR (but love the station anyhow)

  11. Initially misread the post, gents; I thought you actually HAD Davros as guest this week. I figure 'sure, 40+ year career at the Beeb, worked with everyone of note in the industry, must be hard for someone in his err, condition' (how many stairs did he have to get up there at 3RRR, exactly?)
    Then I re-read the explanation…


  12. How can you so this to me?
    I was waiting anxiously, until I got home from work (I have dial-up and it starts downloading on Monday morning and finishes Monday night) and then- no Boxcutters! I check my e-mail and -NOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! The apocaplyse has occurred! The Rapture is coming! Everyone run for their lives!
    Also, on behalf of dial-up users unable to listen to it on the site, I officially protest putting the quiz in the site streamed version. Just kidding. Well, not really, but I still love you.
    (If Facebook Connect goes insane again, this is Sophie)

  13. Fine! I'll go and listen to Tank Riot instead… GOOD one! <starts weeping> … and to think I actually wrote in to you guys last week! I want acknowledgement… ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!!!

  14. Brett said: “we had some live streaming of the show … it was mostly about the video”

    So you are telling me that the first ever time that when the video podcast joke happened and Josh couldn't say that there was no video we missed it. SERIOUSLY!!! After something like 175 eps of that joke!!!

    I was slightly peeved about not getting a new ep this week, but now i'm furious! lol

  15. Facebook User says:

    I listen to Boxcutters on my way to uni every Wednesday and there was no new episode this week πŸ™ In it's replacement I downloaded episode 150 due to the review of Fringe and Futurama and it ended up being the last episode with Ross.

  16. You have broken this timelady's heart.

    My week is now bleak and useless. Life is grey. There is no hope.

    Soylent green is people.

    I am a teapot.

    You are the eggmen.

    See? BROKEN!

  17. Once again, we're SO sorry about the technical failure this week but there's at least one thing we forgot to mention this week so it's lucky we get a second bite at the cherry next week to make it better. I'll also get to avoid embarrassing myself with the non-response from the guys in my segment. Awkward…

    What we should really pass on, though, are the selections for One Thing from this week (especially because mine is for tonight and I'm sure we're going to be talking to the star of the show soon):

    Brett: ADbc – Sam Pang's historical quiz show – Thursday SBS 8:30 (…or The Beast for Patrick Swayze fans – ABC2 Tuesday 8.45)

    John: The Secret Show ?The Fluffy Bunnython Of Doom? – 4.45pm, Thu, 27 Aug 2009, ABC1

    I can't remember what Josh's was and it's not in our notes…

  18. Rob Boxcutter says:

    ONE thing! (… or two, three, even four)

  19. Not my one thing – just for the Swayze fans…

  20. rilestar says:

    Why I oughtta! Damn those Swayze fans, trying to muscle in on your One Thing!

  21. So I guess there's not much desire for a live streamed version of the show. That's cool – I thought y'all might like to send messages live but that's something I don't have to wonder if I should be doing more work on the show.


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