Ep 194: Nurse Jackie, Come Back Mrs Noah, Foot Scrapings

Nurse Jackie is the new show from Showtime in the US starring Edie Falco. Come Back Mrs Noah is an old show from the late 70s that John once saw. There’s an I don’t buy it and a whole bunch of other stuff to make you laugh, cry and possibly even hit yourself in the nose with a hammer.

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    Here’s some Come Back Mrs Noah (it’s terrible):

    If you watch one thing:
    Brett: The Wire starts on ABC2 Tuesday 9:30 and Saturday 10pm
    Josh: Waltz with Bashir, Tuesday 10pm, SBS
    John: Has not watched the Wire and therefore is going to bed without any supper.


    1. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

      boomshanka, timelady:)

    2. Al Isner says:

      I think that new segment from John should be called “Just Don't Bother”.

      Don't you think that's a genius suggestion??

      Randomly yours,

    3. noodlez says:

      I think the faulty episode where it all “stuffs up” sounds like you are pretending to be daleks or cybermen!
      And seriously, you cant get any more cooler than that.

    4. I read somewhere that the people behind Nurse Jackie were aiming for a M*A*S*H-like blend of comedy and drama. I'm yet to watch it, mostly for that reason, but it doesn't sound like they succeeded.

    5. depreciation?
      (Surely you could hear me yelling it from my car last night as I drove home 😉

    6. DOn't get me wrong, but M*A*S*H is like ShamWow! Beware of imitators.

    7. Oh, “depreciation”!

      The word is “depreciation”.

      Thank you, Bolden.

    8. It came to me as well as I was listening in my car. That's exactly the word I was trying to think of. It's been a long time since yr11 accounting.

      We have Tom Elliott coming in on ep 195 so my theories will be pulled apart by an expert… (and I'll write that word down so I sound like I know what I'm talking about)

    9. Is ShamWow! an exclamation or a show I'm not aware of?

      I've never found M*A*S*H funny but knew they thought it should be because of the laugh track. The pathos always seemed like the real thing with the flat one liners a release, like a lame joke at a funeral, which allows that pent up emotional energy to be released.

      But at least it was worth a look for that much… so many UK “comedies” are full of laugh track releases which I can only attribute to them being so stiff and feeling so embarrassed by the situations portrayed.

      I watched two of the four parts of this week's “Just Don't Bother” pilot and didn't get close to cracking even a half smile. Love Thy Neighbour, Mind Your Language, Keeping Up Appearances, Benny Hill, Men Behaving Badly, Coupling, Are You Being Served (!), Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Robins Nest, The Goodies (What the HELL are all you people on about? That's not funny – that's puerile. Maybe it has to do with not discovering it when I was 9)(I suspect that's not going to win me any friends around here), On The Buses, the list goes on…

      With most of these, I was at an age when I was first watching them that I wasn't just immediately nauseated by the racism, sexism and bigotry towards anyone who wasn't a heterosexual white British person. Even then, it's no guarantee that shit will not be hung because they're from “oop narth”, or alcoholic Scots or Irish, or they have a lilting accent and root sheep because they're from Cardiff or Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

      And yet, some of the most genius, pushing-the-envelope content has come from there as well. It's one of the advantages of having a large population in a small geographical broadcast area, I guess. Such a pity that almost all of what we see on Australian TV is taken from column A, being the safe choice for an ABC TV content buyer.

    10. ShamWow! Is a fever dream of American consumerism, and the infomercials for the ShamWow! Itself, which is some sort of super-absorbent towel feature a voice over that says “ShamWow is made in Germany and is not available in stores! Beware of ShamWow imitators.”

    11. Facebook User says:

      Do I get a prize for winning last week's quiz question for attempting to understand how Brett's mind works?

    12. Do I get a prize for winning last week's quiz question for attempting to understand how Brett's mind works?

      (I was logged into Facebook Connect for the previous posting although it doesn't show who I was now!)

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