Ep 206: Misfits, The Prisoner, Lunch Disclosure

Misfits comes from the UK, is filled with unattractive and very annoying characters and is essentially Skins meets Heroes. So why do we find it so strangely compelling? Also, Corin and Toby from Beauty & the Geek give us a review of the remake of The Prisoner in a segment I think we should call “TV Will Eat Itself”.

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  1. So, is the Outland that's been commissioned by ABC TV for broadcast in 2010 just a wild coincidence? Bloody good news if it's not.

  2. AdamChristou says:

    Misfits looks terrible.


  3. R Oxbutter says:

    I especially liked the segment on the Emissions Trading Scheme. Thanks for that. Hope the nipple heals up soon!

  4. chris_1980 says:

    Corin and Toby are great, really entertaining, when are they back? Loved them on the outland institute also.

  5. Vzzzbx, I love you! Yes, the Outland on the ABC's list is mine, but I didn't know that list existed until you left that comment – while we had been told it was sort-of-kinda-probably happening, it's now alarmingly and thrillingly official-looking!


  6. Misfits has finally ended, Nathans power is Immortality.

  7. Misfits is an awesome program. Gold. It's pure gold!

  8. misfits is an honest take on the hero genre, it is one of the funniest programs on telly to date, i just they can keep up the writing quality

    who is SUPER HOODIE

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