Ep 236: Louie, Geraldine Hickey

The excellent Geraldine Hickey joins us to tell us tales of what young children like to watch. Also, we review the new Louis CK show, Louie.

I don’t want to build it up too much but it’s really fun.

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  1. Daniel B says:

    Huzzah, new boxcutters podcast, the only thing to make me feel better when I’m home sick, that and Buscopan

  2. Josh Kinal says:

    We hope it’s some chicken soup for your mind, Daniel B.

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    Louie? Damn that’s a terrible show. Why doesn’t he have a real surname? Is he named after underpants?

    According to the credits, this guy has a personal assistant. How the fuck does this douchebag deserve a personal assistant?

  4. Daniel D Boxcutter says:


  5. Louie found it’s way onto my memory stick in a magical way i cannot explain… and I should say straight out that I am not a fan of the “let’s say the worst things we can possibly think of and really hurt some people, cos that’s hilarious!” school of comedy, but to me the show was missing something elemental… It had no soul, so to speak, and never seemed interested in redeeming anyone in the slightest, which is s big a flaw as writing characters that are only pure and good and virtuous.

  6. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    Re: Louie.
    It’s like I’m watching an entirely different show to the one Brett, Nelly, Sophie and David are. I love it – I think it’s hilarious, sad and full of heart.
    To me the Louie character feels entirely full of actual humanity – real humanity rather than tv humanity. As people we do behave badly, don’t always treat people who we love well and think badly of those we care about. That kind of complexity doesn’t often get shown on TV. All that and I find it super funny.

  7. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Instead of watching Lost the other night, I watched the first episode of Louie. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it enough to discard the rule of three. I felt that it was sometimes funny but then would go a little too far so that it couldn’t reconcile the genuine humanity (which was certainly there) with the absurdist streak.

  8. IceTV, eh? Swish. Has that been there for long?

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