Ep 239: Rubicon, Margot Leadbetter

margot.jpgWe review Rubicon and John talks about Margot Leadbetter in the Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

None of us were paying much attention.

Send us an email about all the things we asked you to this week.

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**Update — by Brett** The number of episodes in series 1 of Rubicon is variously reported as 6, 10 and 12. Unfortunately, I was referencing the figure from Wikipedia during our review which only counts the six that have gone to air so far.


  1. Paul Boxcutter says:

    @Josh – Just enter, let ’em know what you do, and although we’ll miss you, promise a media blackout for as long as they need. Don’t let Boxcutters stop your Amazing Race dream.

  2. Jason Jones says:

    Hi Guys,

    First time posting on this site. Love the

    Penelope Keith is a Great Actor, I remember Penelope Keith being the face Heinz Baked Beans in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was home sick from Work and on TV as a Midday movie on Channel 7, she was in the movie with June Brown(who plays Dot Cotton in UKTV Soap Opera Eastenders). It was called Margery and Gladys and it was not bad film but Penelope now stick to stage work sadly.

    My Vote by the way for Greatest TV Characters of All time is Ken Barlow from Coronation Street. Coronation Street is celebrating 50 year of this show in December and Ken Barlow has been in every year since it started. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Barlow_(Coronation_Street)

    Have a good one

    Jason Jones

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    Hi Jason.

    How’s Samantha Bee treating you? Would you consider doing an interview on Boxcutters?

  4. Jason Jones says:

    Sorry David,

    I love the Jason Jones from the Daily show but I am not him. Sorry for getting your hopes up

    Jason Jones

  5. John’s right – Community is frickin’ hilarious! Been our favourite show since 30 Rock disappeared. And that paint-ball episode … gotta agree, again – best episode of the season.
    You guys rawk.
    Riley Boxc… I mean … Larry Wilmore…

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