Ep 241: Huge, Hellcats, Basil Fawlty

huge2a.jpgThis week we finally reveal who is number 5 in the Boxcutters Greatest Characters of All Time (there’s a clue in the title of this week’s episode but don’t tell anyone).

Also there’s a review of the new CW series Huge from some of the creators of My So Called Life.

Josh does a Rule of One review of Hellcats.

Brett and Josh bond over a shared I Don’t Buy It.

Some excellent and poignant Letters to Boxcutters lead to some lessons learnt during the episode by our newest member of the Boxcutters family, Toby Halligan.

Say hello to your new friend:

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    John Richards, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

    On The Outland Institute podcast, you referred to unicorns as being “girly”. Obviously, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as unicorns are a potent symbol of male virility and strength:

    • They have massive horse-sized penises that are probably even bigger than regular horses’ penises.

    • They have a freakin’ horn on their head which can be used to impale enemies with impunity.

    • They travel through space accompanied by heavy metal soundtracks.

    • They often appear on the side of panel vans. The very same panel vans that muscular surfers are having sex with tanned girls inside of.

    Case closed. Unicorn = manly. Also, what happened to The Outland Institute podcast, anyway?

  2. Josh, you’re not wrong about Louis. I like it and I’m never wrong !!

    It’s certainly not “Glee” and it is different to anything else on TV, but that doesn’t make it bad. The last scene of the last episode almost made me cry. Maybe I’m the demographic.

    Anyway, another good show.

  3. Your line would be:
    “There’s a glass and a fifth of full cream dairy milk in every 200 gram block.”

    *Would* be, except that it seems that Cadbury are claiming that there really is “the equivalent of a glass and a half of full-cream dairy milk in every 200g of Cadbury Dairy Milk” (there was some conjecture that they might have increased the milk proportion to save money).


    I know that I have issues.

  4. David Boxcutter says:

    Because Josh has been unwell lately, and obviously not sound of mind with that review of Louie, I thought I might Hellcats on the off chance that it is actually a masterpiece like Friday Night Lights.

    It’s actually even worse than Josh described.

    He didn’t mention the fact that the protagonist starts out as a faux-hipster douchebag who hangs around with another hipster making fun of the cheerleaders from a distance, before being forced into their world. And she hangs around all the cool bars and the art scene, because she’s like edgy and stuff despite being totally bland.

    Also, there are wipe transitions that actually feature a cheerleader doing backflips as the edge of the transition! Not a stylised silhouette of a cheerleader, an actual photographic rendering of a cheerleader.

    Favourite line of the show:

    (Cheerleader to coach): “You have to stop her! She’s distracting the other cheerleaders!”

    [The coach waves her away, as she stares in awe at the amazing unconventional moves* our protagonist is bustin’ out, because she’s such a rebel.]

    * Whereby “unconventional moves” I mean kind of flailing around in a vaguely “urban” dance style.

  5. Huge is on abc family not on the cw and i agree, it suprised me how good it actually was. Poppy for me was a character that rang so very true i worked a summer as a camp counseler in north carolina and there are so many girls just like that and thats exactly what they expect you to be at camp.

  6. boxtragic says:

    Josh don’t even think to apologise for your review of Louie, every TV critic out there thinks its visionary television, ie Alan Sepinwall and the AV club. Its truly unique and absolutely hilarious. No other comedy comes close to it (except maybe for Curb your Enthusiasm).

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