Ep 267: Almighty Johnsons, Channel 9 Advertising


Remember ages ago when John told us that in New Zealand they were making a show about Norse gods who all lived in modern day Auckland? Well he did and it’s called the Almighty Johnsons and we review it for your pleasure.

John and Josh went to a Channel 9 event where they pretended they wanted to buy some advertising. It’s our first ever undercover investigation. We’re just like 4 Corners or A Current Affair now, aren’t we?

We launch a new segment called Amazing Race in a Minute where Josh has exactly a minute to talk about the Amazing Race.

All that plus News, One Thing, Letters to Boxcutters. What more could you want?

Listen to it:

Also come and see Josh and John speaking at Continuum this weekend.

If you missed out on our last session at ACMI your not going to want to miss us talking about The Muppet Show. You can book tickets now.

Update 09 June 2011

Okay, so we messed up. We originally published this as Ep 277. Clearly a series of oversights that lead to confusion in Martin English and maybe some other observant people. Those of us who travel around the world not noticing a thing will not care.

That being said, if you’re really concerned you can always go into the metadata of your audio player and change the title of the episode yourself.

Sorry for the confusion.


  1. Well done, ha ha, good joke.

    I thought I’d been Timeshifted, kidnapped by Dr Who (the Jon Pertwee one, not the pretenders before and since), and run over by kit the Knight 2000 ….. only to wake up in the arms of Penelope Pitstop. No wait, it’s Muttly, telling me (in his own inimitable style) that I hadn’t lost ten weeks of my life.

    The cause of all this is episode two hundred and SIXTY SEVEN (NOT, I repeat, NOT to be confused with episode two hundred and SEVENTY SEVEN).

    Back to dreaming over Jane Badler and Myff on last nights Spicks and Specks.

    PS love yah work, really !!!

  2. DOH! I didn’t even notice further confusion, where you labeled the link to the download with a 266 even though it points to episode 267 !!

    too much Jane and Myff on my mind 🙂

  3. Darren Boxcutter says:

    It looks like The Age went to the same Channel Nine Advertising presentation.

    I think this article is ironic as Fairfax newspapers are also having a tough time making a profit from the new digital era.

  4. yay, The Twits!

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