Ep 270: Happy Endings, Supertrain

It’s quite fitting that we review the show Happy Endings this week because that’s the one we all watched during the week.

John’s done a special Just Don’t Bother about the late 70s failure, Supertrain.

There’s an Amazing Race Minute, an I Don’t Buy It, some Quotes and more mentions of Channel 11 than ever before in any other episode.
[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep270.mp3|titles=Episode 270|artists=Boxcutters]What else could you want? Nothing. It’s perfect. Don’t touch it. Just listen.

Want to tell us about some outrageous thing we said but shouldn’t have on the show? Go ahead and send us an email.

Bruce Jenner won a gold medal for the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic games.


  1. We (I??) love you too, Brett. The Love Theme from Boxcutters, not so much. The Benny Hill version it morphed into wasn’t bad though.

  2. Nooo!! Don’t get rid of This Week on Boxcutters! I listen to it! (most weeks :P)

    And about Happy Endings – I haven’t seen it but the clip sounded…awful. And I’m an absolute sucker for crap TV. I’ll stay up to watch the Kardashian’s and I cry during Neighbours. Sorry Josh. But I’ll watch it anyway, Boxcutter’s rule of 3!

  3. DarrenBoxcutter says:

    Clare – Thanks for pointing out the This weeks on Boxcutters. My first time listening and now I am hooked and now its going. I will just have to listen to this one on LOOP.

    • Josh Kinal says:

      And almost as soon as you put up that comment, Darren, “This Week” is gone gone gone.

      Maybe we’ll bring it back before the break is over but we still have a few creases to iron out of the new design.

  4. What a great new website!

  5. Nathalie Boxcutter says:

    Jeez, boys, fancy website!!

  6. murrayNE says:

    John Richards is the first person I’ve ever heard rant at people for suggesting that Daleks climbing stairs is new to “new Doctor Who”. The first person other than myself, I mean.

  7. Props to Pete and Josh for the new site. Like, +1, etc, etc.

  8. Foxy new website, congrats to you Boxcutters, Soupgiants, Zepol and Art Asylum. Dig very much.

  9. Oooh! Shiny!
    Not dial-up internet friendly, but very shiny! ^^

    • Josh Kinal says:

      Oh, Sophie, we keep forgetting there are people who are still on dial-up. Sorry about that.

      Can you send us an email to describe exactly the bits that cause the lag and we’ll see what we can do.

  10. Funky new website. Liking it.

    Listening to that clip from the beginning of Supertrain, it sounds like the man announcing the creation of Supertrain is seriously soused. Funny stuff.

    Interesting how all the PR about the show seemed to focus on how much it cost to produce rather than the show itself. Isn’t that a bad sign from the get-go?

    Also, the mechanics of the the Supertrain: is it on its own new supertrack, or using the existing infrastructure, which would mean serious timetable issues regarding other, smaller, slower trains and you don’t care, do you?

  11. I hesitate to mention the words ‘anti-siphoning’ on this website, but I recently had an experience that I feel is relevant.
    Okay, it wasn’t recently, it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final in June, but my entire nation fell into a deep depression from which we are only just emerging and I have therefore been unable to discuss it until now. 😉
    My local library, despite the fact that hockey is free-to-air in Canada, broadcast every game of the finals on a huge screen using a projector, and sold one dollar coffee and popcorn. It turned what would have been something enjoyed alone or with friends into a community event. They also did so during the World Cup, and the Olympics. I thought that was a really interesting idea, and one that allows people to watch sports without having to enter a bar, which should make Brett ‘Muslims!!’ Cropley very happy.

  12. Tuesday Addams says:

    I TOTALLY disagree with John about Happy Endings. It’s by no means the funniest show ever, but it’s no where near as bad as John insisted. Sure, there are two blonde chicks, but I thought they were quickly established as the (admittedly stereotypical) super-competitive neat freak and the somewhat ditzy, super-nice one.

    I particularly took issue with the thing about the pop culture references being out of date. 30-year-olds make Point Break references! That movie is from 1991, not 1979. I even went back and re-watched a couple of episodes and noted the following references which I, a 31-year-old, both got, and would make in my similarly-aged circle of mates:

    – Point Break;
    – The Sixth Sense;
    – “Affleck and Garner”;
    – “Tobey Maguire movies”;
    – Showgirls;
    – Sex in the City (season 2);
    – Dave Matthew Band;
    – Kerouac’s On the Road;
    – An American Tail and its 1991 sequel;
    – Alex Trebek;
    – Paul Walker; and
    – possibly Shaun of the Dead (although I couldn’t say for sure if that was a rip-off or a homage).

    Also, I reckon the Penny character is hilarious; a rare example of a funny physical comedienne, and she can deliver a tricky line better than most actors on TV.

    In conclusion, it is the first time I’ve ever laughed at something that involves the word ‘Wayans’. And in one episode there were even TWO Wayanses!

    P.S. On my second watch I noticed it’s produced by Jamie Tarses, the producer upon whom Amanda Peet’s character in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was based.

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