Family Portrait: 2011

There have been many changes to the Boxcutters line up since the last portrait and it’s been a struggle to get everyone together for a new photo but we managed it over the weekend.

So, if you’ve wondered what we all look like, here is your chance.

Boxcutters Family Portrait 2011


  1. Ben Boxcutter-Roxas says:

    John’s needs moar beard.

  2. I do need more beard. And I think Josh’s hair isn’t anywhere near crazy enough.

  3. Toby Halligan says:

    Why does Dave have leaves behind his ears?

    Otherwise, triple like.

  4. DarrenBoxcutter says:

    Does this mean we will be getting an animated Video Podcast from now on.

  5. Clearly Josh and Brett have become toasters. John, Toby, Courtney, Dave and Glenn now have no other option but to eliminate them. The fate of humanity lays in the balance.

  6. David Boxcutter says:

    Who are Glenn, Dave and Peter?

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