It’s an Episode 276 Whoopsie

Yes. There were some editing issues with this week’s episode and we’ve had to take it offline so we can bring it up to our usual standard of only some mistakes.

Sorry about that. We’ll republish it soon.

Also, sorry to the people who already downloaded it and now have a less good version. You can download the new version when it’s ready and do a compare and contrast.

Thanks for understanding.


  1. David Boxcutter says:

    So, now that 276 is out, are you going to put up an episode page for it?

    • Josh Kinal says:

      David, I don’t know what version of 276 you managed to download but the fixed one hasn’t been released yet. That’s coming up shortly.

      Thanks for your patience.

      • David Boxcutter says:

        I don’t think I got the “fixed” version, but I was able to download a version many (18?) hours before the episode page was posted.

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