Ep 290: American Horror Story

American Horror Story was created by the people who brought us Glee but there’s no singing and dancing, just murder, insanity and old-fashioned haunting. Is it as good as everybody thinks? Is it as bad as everybody thinks?

Also, Josh spent some time in New York and discovered just how intrusive television can be in daily life.

Courteney Hocking is our co-host for this one and Brett uses his best reading voice for news and letters.

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There’s a point, during “If You Watch One Thing”, in which we discuss the new series of Absolutely Fabulous and talk about it like that’s the one that’s on Wednesday nights on ABC1. It’s not. Those are repeats.

The new 20th anniversary episodes of Absolutely Fabulous will air on ABC1 in February.

One Thing

  • The Thick of It Season 3 – 9pm Wednesday, ABC1
  • Nigella’s Kitchen – 8pm Tuesday, ABC1
  • Movie: Coffee and Cigarettes – 11:05pm Wednesday, SBS One/SBS HD

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  1. I can’t legally own a credit card, can I mail you a fiver? 😉

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