Ep 304: Why Big Brother Returns

Creepy stories, trashy TV and the need for a new season of Big Brother are all covered in this special episode of Boxcutters that no parent should miss.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep304.mp3|titles=Episode 304|artists=Boxcutters]


One Thing

  • Laid – 9pm Wednesday night, ABC1
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook – 9:30pm Thursday, ABC1
  • Insight: ‘Generation XXX’ – 8:30pm Tuesday, SBSONE


  1. Stuff Big Brudda; have you guys caught up with season two of the (insane) Almighty Johnsons? The first series was amazing as is the second half of the second series…

    • Definitely agree. Now that Anders is back from filming The Hobbit things seem to have picked up from the so-so first half of season two. I wasn’t a fan of the Hel/Loki/Agnetha storyline and I’m enjoying seeing the main plot of finding Frigg finally moving forwards with the developments of the last couple of episodes.

      BTW, have you noticed Axl’s oddly twisted left arm?? Since I saw it, I can’t stop looking at it now. Very creepy.

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