Ep 319: Channel 4 Comedy Fortnight

In the lead-up to the Paralympics, the UK’s Channel 4 presented a fortnight of comedy including some one-offs, some brand new work from geniuses you might be familiar with and some fantastic older comedy from their collection. We take a look at everything we can possibly think of to do with this.

Also, are you sick of us talking about The Newswroom? No? Excellent. Because there’s more of that.

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Damn, it’s annoying to see Sorkin get retrospective kudos, especially for that awful Giffords episode. While some may have seen it as addressing the issue of fact-checking over scoops, I saw it more as exploiting a real tragedy to make Sorkin’s alter-ego, Will McAvoy, look like a genius hot-shot.

    This whole “cover real events in hindsight as if they were breaking news” thing is just bullshit.

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