Ep 327: Looking back at Europe

We take a look back at the last couple of years and give little updates on how shows have behaved since we first cast our eyes upon them.

Glenn posits that Europe is beating HBO’s pants, Brett fails to understand how calendars work and Brenna brings back some Australian classics.

Listen to it or be shamed in the face of your peers.


One Thing

  • Parking Wars: 7mate, 6:30pm, Saturday
  • America in Primetime ‘The Misfit’ on SBS On Demand
  • Cricket on Glenn’s phone.


  1. I vote for 6am (Melb time), I can grab it before my commute to the office, being someone who used to grab it late Monday or early Tuesday, Thursday morning is too loooooooong a wait!

    Am I still watching…..
    Happy Endings and Wilfred(US), to be fair, I didn’t start many others from that list. Sometimes the Boxcutters reviews aren’t enough to get me started. (Breaking Bad for instance, only when I was in the studio, I started (and am up to date) on that).

    Now I want to try:
    Fresh Meat, I’ve heard it is good.

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    I second 6am – makes for a nice commute on of the busier traffic days.

    As for what we’re still watching, is Josh still watching Mike and Molly? He was positively giddy over the first few episodes, but boy did that go downhill quickly!

    As for Brett, why is he not watching Bob’s Burgers? It’s so tasty and conveniently fast to serve.

  3. I’m in with the “6AM for commuting assistance”.

    And because Glenn will be annoyed if I don’t abuse him:
    – Immediately not knowing that Breaking Bad is on AMC, not HBO, thus making the title of your segment completely invalid, should cause you to shut the hell up.
    – “aplumb” is not a word. “aplomb” is a word. Guess which one Glenn said (clue, the one that’s not a word).
    – Really, really, if you’re going to talk about a well known person and have listened to an interview with them, learn how their name is pronounced. Your mispronunciation of Armandolso, Iannucci’s surname caused a lot of car stereo yelling.

    Also, I don’t think either Glenn or Josh really covered themselves in glory in the “why Europe Rocks” segment. I’ve avoided most of the shows discussed because, well, Spiral, The Killing, The Bridge, Wallendar all sound like the same “someone gets murdered, someone investigates” show I’ve been bored with for ages. The “but it’s about Europe and stuff” waffle never really persuaded me. Although I will be watching season two of Fresh Meat.

  4. Glenn Peters says:

    No Fred. This time you’re wrong. I said “a plum”, not either you spoke of because I was talking about stone fruit. I’m also surprised and dismayed that you didn’t complain about me using the word “spectacular” too often. Cos that that got me yelling in my car “find another fricken adjective Knobend!” Note in the previous sentence the use of “cos”. It wasn’t a shortening of ‘because’. Instead I was talking about lettuce. Any other misteaks I made during the podcast were probably intentional. Great to see you back, Fred.

  5. John Richards says:

    I’ve written some Fred/Glenn fanfiction is anyone wants to see it.

    It’s steamy stuff.

  6. Is it like 50 shades of Grey except it involves me beating several shades of crap out of Glenn repeatedly every time he says something irritating? Cause I could get behind that.

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