Ep 336: Top of the Lake, Logies

A co-production between three countries about a small town in New Zealand that first airs on US television? It’s not some make-believe parallel universe. It’s Top of the Lake, the new TV show by Jane Campion and friends.

Also, are the Logies now just the blood stains on the handkerchief that betray Australian television’s consumption? Come with us as we discuss it all and play some Devil’s Avocado.

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    I think my main issue with the Channel 10 thing, is that Glenn seemed to be approaching it purely from a marketing perspective – i.e: popularity as a goal, rather than quality.

    This kind of sticks out in sharp contrast to the usual Boxcutters approach, where a show is praised or condemned on its quality, regardless of how popular it is. Just seems like a really weird shift in gears, where sometimes the show itself is criticised, but then networks are judged by how well they appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    At least that’s the sense I got from Glenn’s comments – that 9 and 7 are better than 10, because they’re better at pandering, rather than being better at making good shows. How is TV supposed to move forward if we stick to this mentality? I understand that Glenn works in advertising, so I guess his view is influenced by that. But if you never break the formula, you are condemned to repeat the established lowest-common-denominator approach. This is why the internet (and Netflix, etc) is kicking traditional media’s ass, because it’s disruptive and doesn’t need to fit into this box.

    If you’re just trying to appeal to yesterday’s audience, then don’t be surprised when that audience suddenly disappears and never comes back.

  2. Can I please put in a request for you to review Hannibal. We’re currently only one episode in but it shows promise! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2243973/

  3. Kitteh Bol iz old hatz.


    PUPPIEEEEEZ !!! (squeeeeeeeee)

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