Ep 342: Adam Richard and Celebrities

Have you ever wondered why celebrities actually go onto celebrity reality tv shows? We have. So we ask Adam Richard what the story is. You’re going to be shocked or not.

Also, Brett disturbs us with some people driving tiny little cars and trying to sell us insurance or supermarkets or something.


Shane wanted to know what we thought about the latest batch of new shows in the US. But we didn’t really have time to cover it.

Also, get along to the next Splendid Chaps to hear John and Ben talk about Doctor Who.

And if you want to hear Josh speak with other people about design, get over to the The Nudge.


  1. Daniel B says:

    Hello Guys and Girls,

    Any chance of getting a review of Hannibal, especially given it’s just been picked up for a second season?


  2. Aw, delighted to hear an Adventure Time mention.

  3. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Thanks for the recommendations for those furniture podcasts. You made me lose my shit on public transport.

  4. David Boxcutter says:

    Nice commentary, “Brett Cropley”, if that is your real name.

  5. Glenn Peters says:

    Great ep, fellas.

    Awkward though funny but I’m proud to say I worked on that Little Red Quote campaign. You know that whole little mini cars driving around a super market? I’m sure I remember that bit was my idea. Anyway, they came up with the jingle after I left the agency. Also many of the people in the ad are not actors. They are accounts people at the ad agency. Sure, it’s a really annoying ad but boy oh boy, it worked its pants off. “Hold on”, you’re saying “did you just say you’re ‘proud’ to say you worked on that ad?” Indeed I am. I’m proud to get something reviewed by Boxcutters. Now, when am I on next?

  6. Glenn Peters says:

    Hola unblocker fans go to this page and click the link and all of a sudden it all works on the BBC website.



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