Ep 344: Hannibal, Live on Bowen

We have an interview with Rob Lloyd, the host of Channel 31’s Live on Bowen about hosting live TV and what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Then, due to popular demand, we review Hannibal. Is it as tasty as everyone says? Is it best viewed while sipping on some fine chianti? Only by listening will you have the answer.


Find out if you agree with or even care about Michael Idato’s best written TV shows.

Learn how Greece’s ERT was ordered back on air.

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  1. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Hi Boxcutters

    I have a few things to say, so buckle in.

    Firstly, Vale James Gandolfini, what a tremendous and shocking loss.

    Re Hannibal, I was one of your listeners who asked you to review it. That was a while ago, when it was still only a few episodes in. I was really liking it and I was interested in your thoughts. Now, I’ve watched the whole series. Upon reflection, I think it’s been a case of style over substance. It looks so good, and that makes it seem really special. It’s very gruesome and that’s compelling too. But the central story is all over the place and ultimately unsatisfying. Also, I’ve seen the pulled episode and it’s a stretch to relate it to the Boston bombings. So, that whole thing seemed like a ploy to bring attention to the show, which was a bit off-putting.

    I have just finished watching The Fall, which you mentioned a few weeks ago. It is fantastic, and I’ve had a visceral response to it. Will no-doubt rank as one of the best shows this year, for me. You should check it out.

    Re your comments last week about innocent people being killed at the expense of getting the bad guys, I totally agree. I dislike car chases where so many seeming innocents get into horrible crashes so we can watch a few guys outmanoeuvre each other. My sister died in a car accident, so this is particularly upsetting for me. It’s a nice reflection of your humanity that you feel that way too :).

    Also, the lead in Banshee, Anthony Starr, always struck me as a standout in Outrageous Fortune. He played the twins so well, and I am glad to see him get his in the US.

    That’s it from me. Stilling loving the show as much as ever.



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