Ep 345: The Goodies

The Goodies is confusing because it’s singular and plural, it was shown in Australia for kids but made for very adults, and is revered by all except for a bunch of people involved in making it. Ben McKenzie gets to the bottom of all that.

Also, Brett’s been crawling around his vault again and we get to see what he’s dug up.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep345.mp3|titles=Episode 345|artists=Boxcutters]


The VHS Vault clips can be viewed here:
Milk crates ad with Wilbur Wilde & Red Symons 1994
Wilbur Wilde KFC ad
Miles Silverberg (Grant Shaud) (Murphy Brown) 1994 Logies promo
1994 Telecom ad
And here are a couple of bonus clips:
1994 GTV 9 promo
1994 John Flaus Lean Beef Ad


  1. Paul Boxcutter says:

    I can’t believe you let ‘Tony Barber-que sauce’ through without some ridicule!

    Brett, very, very, very keen to hear what you think of the final episodes of the US Office. Whilst I agree the Steve Correll final episode(s) were done perfectly, I really enjoyed the finish, so I’d love to hear what you thought. Josh – can we make this a one-off segment? Please.

  2. “A walk in the Black Forest”? Yes, of course, you recod* Boxcutters in the studios of that triple-pirate radio station, RRR.

    If the BBC ever decide to release season box sets, I’d quite happily part with my money. Mind you, I’m still annoyed that we got a B&W version of Ballroom Dancing, and not the colour-restored version that was released in the UK. Thanks, BBC, but the colonies have colour TV now too!

    *that typo is too relevant to correct πŸ™‚

  3. No, local news in Canberra *isn’t* national news anyway. If it was, everyone in Australia could name the leader of the Opposition in the ACT Assembly (and given that it’s recently changed, most people in Canberra couldn’t tell you), the jump-rope-for-heart events at the local primary schools would be seen at the end of every commercial news bulletin in the country*, the sorry state of the ACT hospital waiting lists would be causing anger from Darwin to Duneedoo, and news anchors in Wollongong would know how to pronounce Bungendore, Manuka, Kaleen and Gungahlin.

    There are nominally 2 local news services in Canberra. Of the 2, one is the local ABC bulletin which is usually made up of “national” and “international” news, with one or two local stories if you’re lucky (just like the Melbourne & Sydney bulletins, really). WIN News’ Canberra bulletin is the only one that actually presents a full “half hour” (ie 22 minutes) of actual local news for Canberra & the surrounds areas of NSW.

    But now that they’ve closed their Canberra studios, the fear is that WIN will follow the lead of Souhern Cross Ten and Prime, who both ceased producing news bulletins of any sort more than a decade ago. And no, Southern Cross Ten, having someone in Sydney read us 2 minutes of headlines out of (yesterday’s) Canberra Times at 08:45pm does NOT count as a news “bulletin”.

    *Oddly enough, Seven News in Sydney seem to think that the jump-rope-for-heart events at their camera people’s kids’ schools count as nationally important news…

  4. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Josh had never seen Time Team.

    What a classic show, which must have been on for 20 years! I never thought I could enjoy archeology on television, but that show makes it enjoyable and really interesting.

    Josh, surely now you have to watch a few episodes!

    • Josh, if you decide to watch some Time Team, please watch something other than episodes from season 19. That’s the season with the contentious (and annoying) co-host that lead to Mick Aston leaving the program.

      On second thoughts, *do* watch some series 19, but not until after you’ve watched some of the earlier series. That will give you a greater appreciation of why the audience in the UK (and Australia) complained about them messing with the format.

  5. Not seeing ep 346 yet – is it delayed or was there no episode due to Hipstergeddon?

    • Hipstergeddon’s occurred? Wow, Instagram usage is going to plummet πŸ™‚

    • Just imagine how Seven News would report it…

      “…eyewear shops have been left with hundreds of Greg Combet frames they can’t sell…”
      “…this inner-city cafe has been forced to open its doors to passing foot traffic…”
      “…Hobart’s dock-side businesses face uncertain future after MONA FOMA cancelled…”
      “…this boutique brewery owner is devastated: ‘I can’t face selling my pale ale to suburban plebs’…”

      Hmm… I wonder of ABC2’s in the market for a mockumentary about Nanna, I mean, Hipstergeddon?

    • Josh Kinal says:

      Sorry. We had to cancel this week’s episode due to unexpected work commitments, airplanes and confusion.

      That’s also why I forgot to post anything about it.

      Thanks for looking, though.

      There will be a new episode next week at this time.

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