Ep 355: Sleepy Hollow, Mourning the passing of TV shows

In a show that turned out to be surprisingly full, we review the new Fox show, Sleepy Hollow.

We take a look at the stages of mourning with particular focus on the loss of TV shows that have a place in our hearts. For a special one from Dave, check after the jump.

We tell you what to watch and veer off into a discussion about Dave’s burgeoning music video career (more videos below).

And there’s Letters and more – all packed into the longest Boxcutters 2.0 show ever.
[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep355.mp3|titles=Episode 355|artists=Boxcutters]


All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week

What to Watch:

Brett: Never Mind The Buzzcocks – ABC2 Thursday 8:30
Marian: This Week Live – Wednesday, channel 10, 9:30pm or http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/this-week-live
Dave: Please Like Me – ABC1 10:05 Wednesday – or on iView
Nicola: American Horror Story : Coven  – FX channel US Oct 9th

Take a look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine and send us your thoughts before 7pm Monday 14/10 (AEST), when we will be reviewing it.

Here’s a clip from Secret Valley – Dave’s mourned show:

Here are the music videos featuring a young Dave Lawson:

And here’s the Wheetus video that Dave’s in the crowd shot for but check out who else makes an appearance as security:


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  1. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Hi Boxcutters, congrats on the show. I have fallen a bit behind, and only recently listened to this ep. Intervention is one of my all-time favourite shows. It was actually an American production airing on the A&E channel and the Canadian version is a spin-off. It ran for 13 seasons, and finished this year. At times, it did seem exploitive, we certainly saw the addicts in full flight, but it also gave them a voice and an insight into the issues that may be fuelling their addictions. This humanised them and was terrifically moving. The free care they were given was top-shelf too. On the final episode they had recovering addicts who had been featured on the show talk about how it saved their lives. It’s a hugely impacting and moving show. Highly recommended.

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