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Sometimes we need to tell you about what’s happening with the podcast or just our site in general. That’s what you’ll find in “Announcements”.

Comments (whoopsidasie)

It has been brought to our attention that the whole comments system has been down since the big move over to the new server. It turns out that something was ticked when it shouldn’t have been ticked. It has since been unticked and comments can once again roam free on the plains.

Bring it on!


Shaun Micallef and Gary McCafferie wrote the first episode of BlackJack but they did not write BlackJack: In the Money. It was written by Katherine Thompson, a television writer in her own right since 1989.

We were wrong

On the first episode of Boxcutters we intimated that we were friends with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of Diggnation fame. We’re not but we’d like to be. Their show is really cool.

Alex, I’m sorry for calling you Alan on air. ( j )