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Ep 231: Danny Blay, 30 Rock Characters

rescue-me.jpgDanny Blay is an Executive Officer from No to Violence. He comes in to talk about representations of sexual violence on television. If that doesn’t sound like enough fun and good times, we look at some characters from 30 Rock in the Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

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This week, we lounge into our new century with a look at the future (ooh, spooky) with FlashForward. There’s an I Don’t Buy It. Also, one of the most interesting discussions in Pork we’ve ever had.

It’s like delicious, fluffy mashed potato but for your ears.

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Doug MacLeod has written everything from The Comedy Company to Dogstar, and joins us to look back on his career. Janet A. McLeod is our special co-host, Josh Kinal makes a special phone call, there’s special news, special letters and no pork. No pork at all. Oh, all right, there’s a bit.

Also we review the UK horror series Dead Set.

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You can buy Dead Set at Amazon UK.

See Doug MacLeod discuss his golden career at Axed! at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This is what the Boxcutters look like when they appear in The Age – warning! Photo!