Ep 296: Luck and Luther

Luck is a new show on HBO in the US. It’s created by David Milch so we know from the start that there’s a lot to love and a lot to hate. We try to look at it all.

Courteney Hocking’s been looking at the UK series Luther and gives us a rundown on what she’s discovered.

We answer some Letters to Boxcutters and Toby Halligan has a lot of Places We Have Strayed.


One Thing

  • Onion News Network: around 9:15pm weeknights, ABC2
  • Revenge: 8:40pm Monday, Channel 7
  • Awake: 10pm (9pm Central) Thursday, NBC in the USA

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  1. About the ABC/Twitter thing, is it likely that they enjoy great ratings for shows like Q&A where you have to be watching live to interact? I don’t have a chicken handy, so I’m not sure what the ratings are, surely they are trying this to make people watch the shows when they are on? Which is ironic as iView is the best of the catchup TV offerings here in Aus.

    Courtney, Revenge is a little trashy, and sometimes badly acted, but for some reason it’s very addictive, even though you are shown in the first 10 mins what you will work towards in around episode 15., I can’t say whether you’d like it, but I think you should definitely try it. Also, even though it’s that bit trashy it’s got the ongoing plot, so isn’t neccesarily a ‘watch whenever it’s on’. For the record Mrs Bolden loves it, and I certainly don’t mind it for what it is…….

    I’ve always assumed Josh is the anti-Brett.

  2. Just saw that Luck starts Mar 18 here, 7:30 on Showcase/Foxtel.

  3. Why are there no Boxcutters on this list? It’s a travesty of justice.


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