Ep 149: Fringe, Theme Tunes, Quiz & John Richards

The Quiz is Back!

John Richards is our co-host this week and we would be remiss to not mention his website straight away.

We discuss Fringe and John brings in some theme tunes that are so good the shows themselves could not possibly live up to. Brett does not buy some product that turns your girlfriend in to a dog-faced man. Also there’s Pork and News.

You can find news items, shows referenced and some stuff we didn’t get to cover at http://delicious.com/boxcutters/149

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UPDATE: A very big thank you goes out to FeBo for the birthday present.


  1. gbsmith71 says:

    Theme songs way better than the actual show – Miami Vice

    And Brett, I am with you on the Wipeout thing. I used to watch survivor just for the challenges. Remember the one where they had to fill a bucket with mud and that dude with dreadlocks used his hair to carry the mud. I never cared much for the alliances strategy crap, I just enjoyed seeing fame hungry idiots suffer.

    Wipeout is like a whole season of Survivor pain in a neat package with hilarious commentary. No character development, no emotion. Only the good stuff left in.

  2. Obviously Ross is missed, but if John Richards were to stay on as a regular I’d be stoked.

  3. Wipeout, the shame of it…… sorry all, but man falls over is not funny, it is lowest common denominator ‘humour’.

    I felt dirty just listening to that part of the podcast, this should never be mentioned again…… shame that shall not be named.

  4. Interesting to compare the incesty Neighbous plot with this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7622019.stm

  5. Interesting ep. I must say, I think you have Wipeout wrong Josh. I think the idea is that, people are taking the piss out of themselves and the reality genre. Also, Fringe wasn’t really that bad. Its SF after all. Its supposed to be a little bit far fetched. How can you knock a show that actually brought back “The Mad Scientist”. Hell there is even a reference to Dr. X in the second ep.

  6. My enjoyment of Wipeout is not a sadistic pleasure at all. The freezeframing of people getting a shoe in the face doesn’t do it for me, more the way that they’ll use a nickname throughout the show for a particular contestant based on something they’d said in the pre-race interview or use call-backs. It relies as much on the competitors providing some character as the commentators riffing off that.

    Talking about Fringe with John before the show, we were both trying to nail down the time setting of the show. Is it supposed to be present day or 2/5/10 years hence? There were a couple of references to years that didn’t quite add up though. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the second episode and, of course, it’s far too early to make a call on the show as a whole given the rule of the magic three.

  7. I finally remembered what that stoopid ad reminded me of… SJP and Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attacks. Perhaps that’s what inspired the so-called Creatives for this campaign?

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