Ep 150: Futurama, Fringe (again), Is Television Any Better?

Episode 150 is full of surprises. Keep your eyes peeled here for show notes in the coming days. Did we mention we’ve done 150 episodes? Well, we have. One Hundred And Fifty! Also, we announce the winner of last week’s quiz.

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Also, thanks so much to Nerida for the absolutely delicious cake. Really, one hundred percent delicious.


  1. gbsmith71 says:

    Sorry for the late comment, I had forgotten my Ordpress login.

    I think Gordon Ferrar may have been using the same year 12 tactic I used to use for English Lit. Don’t read the whole book, but make sure you quote what happens at the end to prove you read the whole thing.

    Congrats on the 150, one of the best shows ever. Thanks for the memories Ross.


  2. catbrain says:

    Coodabeens, The Cage, The Panel…. who can tell?

    Grant Denyer is apparently an experienced Monster (or is that Monsta?) Truck driver, so it wasn’t like it was his first time. Perhaps he didn’t have his usual cushion to sit on. [oh, I crack myself up sometimes]

    John, I’m mostly in agreeance with you about the revival of Doctor Who, apart from the Steven Moffatt stories – they’re suspenseful and quite often creepy (and pretty much devoid of any URST). That’s the Who I want to see, and I can’t wait for him to take over in 2010. Russell T. Davies’ stuff, on the other hand, I find to be all (overblown) style and no substance. And far too much running around with the bloody sonic screwdriver, which seems to have become the modern-day equivalent of K-9. Far too much running around, full stop – all a bit Keystone Cops, really.

    I think there’s only 3 specials in total next year, not 4 (that doesn’t include Children In Need, because that’s only ever a few minutes long).

  3. catbrain says:

    I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re illegal downloaders now…

    AFACT not interested in file-sharers

  4. I agree. I think that secrecy horse has bolted.

  5. I am stoked. Ross will be missed, though.

  6. It was a fun show. I’ve missed Ross. I’ll miss Ross. 🙁

    Re: Mad Men. I started watching and at first found it a little dull and the characters a bit like cardboard cut-outs. Kept watching and it dug a little deeper and sucked me in and now I’m hooked – loving season two.

  7. Bye Ross … its been great.

    Does James lose his 4th Boxcutter tag officially now?

  8. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I turn my back for a week while I move to Brisbane and look what happens:

    Boxcutters turns 150. Hooray! (@ boxcutters.net)

    Jimbo’s train pulls in.

    Ross bids us all farewell. (You will be missed. Hope you will ring through with a segment from time to time.)

    John Richards joins the team, even though he sounds nothing like Brett.

    All the best to the new team, and the old one, and well over the fast 😉

  9. Bye Ross – you’ve been an excellent boxcutter and will be deeply missed. I get the feeling that Josh will be fighting the good fight for reality tv alone without you there so I hope you will occasionally phone in with special guest comments. As a side note, I have never had any trouble telling you and Brett apart but struggled a bit this episode with you and James. I think I could always tell you from Brett by whether Josh yelled at the person after they spoke.

    A big welcome to John as an official part of the boxcutters family. I was digging you a lot until the whole “I love to spoil tv plots and kick over kids sandcastles” thing. You also maligned someone that I love a bit but I can’t remember who so the wound must not have been too deep. That aside, I remain glad you are now on board full time.

  10. Facebook User says:

    I listened to this episode today, August 28 2009. Why was Ross not leaving mentioned in the blog entry?
    It was quite a funny episode. On the way to the train I laughed at random comments many times I started getting stares from other passengers.

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