The Boxcutters Hotline

tom-baker.jpgTo help you get your true emotions off your chest and to help us get a better understanding of who you think is the Greatest TV Character of All Time, we now have a phone number you can leave a message on.

+613 9016 9269 will get you some voicemail goodness. Leave a message after the beep and we’ll pick it up. If you’re on Skype you can just search for Boxcutters and you’ll find us.

All messages left on the Boxcutters Hotline are likely to be played on the podcast so be aware that you might hear your voice coming back to you.

Also, we’re only able to do things like have a phone number because of the wonderful people who donate to Boxcutters. So if you feel like really helping us out, please click on one of the donate buttons to the right. You’ll be taken to a secure PayPal payment system and you can use your credit card.

Thanks for all your help.

Call us before 3pm Monday (AEST) if you want to leave your thoughts about The Doctor or Lynda Day, who we’ll be covering this week.

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